Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mug Rug

So I signed up for a Mug Rug swap but for some reason I was forgotten, missed or whatever.  So my Friend Leona over at Leona's Quilting Adventure offered to do a swap with me for a mug rug, well I said yes of course.  I have never made a Mug Rug so I was thinking long and hard about this and how I wanted it to look.

I found some fabric it is called - Collection for a cause HOPE - and it has the colours that Leona likes and I made this Mug Rug for her.

So I did a Nine Patch and then on the other side I did a Signature Block from Kathleen Tracy - Sentimental Quilter.  In stead of signing it I put "Friends are the sunshine of life - John Hay 1871" I really hope that Leona will like this.  I loved making it that I might make a few for my Christmas Box.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fabric giveaway over at Stray Stitches

Good Morning all,
I just thought that I would let you all now about some fabric giveaway over at Stray Stitiches.  She has 400+ followers so she is have a fabric giveaway.
I love reading her Blog as well it is very interesting with some laughs.

Well, it is time for me to go outside and get us dug out, as it snowed again and we are some what snowed in but with the soft fluffy stuff this time, so shoveling will not be too bad.

Your frozen Canuck

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Succumbed to Kathleen Tracy

I have succumbed to Kathleen Tracy…I have just decided that I am going to bite the bullet and purchase signed copies of her books… I love the stories and the projects that are in there…
I have a borrowed copy of Prairie Children and their quilts, and I really plan on doing all the projects in this book, I plan to do a project a month, with that being said, I will have the book on loan for a year, and really that is not at all fair, so I purchased one  – Signed and all
While on her blog/store, I bought all of her books – Signed Copies and I purchased the one that is out of print a while ago and I just need to work on the projects in this book as well.  I just can’t wait for the books to arrive.  Hopefully they will be here when I return from my trip to Arizona, and then I can start to read the stories and create my own stories…

This year is going to be a year of leaning and tweaking my points with little quilts.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Signature Block Swap

I have joined the "Small Quilt Talk" and they are currently doing Kathleen Tracy signature block.  These blocks are 5" unfinished and very cute, I am in the swap for the unwashed fabric there are 18 of us and the blocks have to be done by the 1st of April.  Well, I found my fabric in my stash that I used to make the blocks.  One night I cut all my blocks to the size that they are suppose to be, one night piecing and a couple of hours signing each block.

One of Kathleen's suggestions is to use freezer paper to stabilize the signature block for when you sign.  So I first has to try without just to see if I could - as I do, do stitchery so how much more difficult could signing a block..  Well I have learned that the freezer paper is a great idea, and why would you not listen to the creator of this block in the first place...  I will now be adding freezer paper to the back of my stitchery before I do the tracing as it works GREAT!!!

So I have all my blocks pieced, signed and ready to be sent to the hostess.  This swap was great, and I kind of regret not signing up for the Washed swap, but I am not sure how to really wash the fabric so I thought that I would just stay clear of that until I really want to figure this one out....

I can't wait to see what kind of blocks that I will be receiving from this swap.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flood Relief Auction-in Full Swing

So the auctions are in full swing... Have you been out there looking/bidding?  They have the master sheet out a Make it Perfect.  This will take you right to the master sheet, and it is broken down in different categories...
So with me, I am a shop-a-holic so this is just right up my ally.  I have been to a few sights and placed a few bids - not knowing what the exchange rate is -oops- hubby might be mad at this but it is for a good cause... So I phone my bank RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) and I got the exchange rate.
$10 CND will give you $9.44(approx.) AUD

So I have placed 2 bids on the below sights from the master Sheet.
Kerry Swains Cottage
Sugarlane Quilts

There were a few others that I wanted to bid on but they were all out of my price range - $200+  Looking at some of the things that are up for Auction - I am amazed at this.  I have not had time to go through all but I am going to try today once Roy is off to School.

Remember the Auction Closes at Midnight Monday so for us - Sunday at Midnight - or somewhere around there with the time difference.  Good Luck and Have Fun

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Post System

Back in October, I had a DR appointment so I decided to do my mail in the city by my Dr. office.  It was a post office attached to a Macs Store.  I will never be doing this again as my block swap partners for October (my first swap and first month) got their blocks mid November if not later and I really could not believe how long it took.  I also posted my Fall into Fall Freebie (at the same time).  I just received an email form Crafty Pug and she finally received her package...3 months later...I looked at my receipt and it was checked ground!!! but when I took it to my local Post Office and showed this to them with the receipt, I paid for Air!!!  Man did the guy over at the Mac store get a good joke out of me.  Paid for Air but was shipped ground, and that is way it took so long for Crafty Pug to get her package... I will be more careful on this for next time that is for sure when I say AIR I will make sure that, that little box is marked AIR.

Sorry Crafty!  I am just glad that you received your package and you love the Splish Splash

Nine and Crossroads

I have done it!!! I have finished my quilt and all the fabric used where from my Gone to Texas leftovers... I never went into any other stash, I am so proud of my self.  And to top that off, I still have leftovers to be added to my stash...
I really can't believe how quickly that this quilt came together.  I am not sure if I am getting better with my seams - making sure that they are 1/4.  I can't believe the look of this quilt, on Friday I might go and see if I can find some backing for this.

I am done quilting for awhile as it does take so much time to do the cutting and piecing so I have to save my energy for Club and I would like to get started on my Stitcher for the Gardener's Journal.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Friends and Small Quilts

Well today after swimming lessons I stopped over at my girlfriends for a little visit.  She just recently sold her share in a quilt shop and has been working very hard at getting her sewing room office all cleaned and reorganized.  Well I have been in her office/sewing room, but this time, I was amazed at all the fabric that she has - WOW - She has fat quarters, patterns with the fabric already (just needs to be put together), a books, patterns - you name it she probably has it - and I thought that I was addicted!!!  Well her stash is amazing and one that I would die for, but she has been quilting for years and owned her own shop for years on top of that... So I guess the longer you quilt the bigger your stash is - well my stash is grown in just the last few days, when I have decided that I was no longer going to make specific quilts that I had the material for...
With a visit and a search through her books, I came across a Kathleen Tracy book - PRAIRIE CHILDREN and THEIR QUILTS.  I have seen this on her blog and I have been really wanting to buy this book but I had to put it off as this is a want not a need.  But finding it in my friends book collection was a true find and I could not have been happier that she has allowed me to borrow this....
In the book there are 14 little projects, since I consider myself a beginner and not that great at my points, I am going to be doing 1 project a month until all the projects are done - there are 14, but I am only going to 13 as I don't need to make a doll apron, as I only have a boy and no little girls with dolls so no apron.  I am a huge fan of Kathleen and I love her blog.  If money was not such a tight budget at the moment I would join here American Schoolgirl Club where you join for 6 months and get a new pattern every month one that has never been published... So if I finish this book, I think that I will join this Club.
So this book is going to be my inspiration and trials as I make these little quilts.  Every month I will do a Post on my quilt and of course a picture of quilt.  I will be labeling the post: Prairie Quilts - KT (this is short for the title and the Author Kathleen Tracy.  So this is going to start in February, and the first Quilt that I am going to tackle is Friendship Star Quilt finished size is 20 1/2 x 25".  With this project I am going to learn points and how to quilt, I am so excited for my learning this year.  well it is time to start supper and get ready for Curling tonight.
Till next time,
your Frozen Canuck

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nine and Crossroads

Today, was a very cold and quite day for me.  My Hubby had Roy for most of the day and I was quilting.  So I have all my blocks cut and ready for piecing together to make my Crossroads and Nine patches.  I am so very proud of my self, I used all my leftover fabric from Gone to Texas.  I can't wait to see what this looks like when it is all pieced together.  This quilt is one that I really wanted to do when I finished Gone to Texas, I am glade that one more day (2 days) this should be all pieced together...It is not that big when done but I thought that I would see what I could make it look like.

Well my club starts in February, and I want to have this one done and Hickory Hills so that I can start my new quilt that the Club has chosen so I can just focus on this quilt and not think that I need to make any others.

I find myself straying from projects, I get something in my head and I just have to work on it until it is all completed, and sometimes that really does not work out well.

Keep tuned for a picture when this is done!!  Until then keep safe and warm

Your frozen Canuck

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Block Received

I got the mail yesterday, and I received my block from Val.  I absolutely love the colours that she chose for me.  I can't wait to get this in the quilt... It is going to be one Fun Quilt when it is all done.

Do you know your Fabric?

Yesterday I went through some of my fabric and I have found a bunch of Jo Morton Fabric and then I found 7 that I am not sure if they are Jo or not.  I was wondering if you could help me with the 7 fabrics and let me know if they are Jo.

Well here are all my fabrics that I am not sure if they are Jo or just reproduction.  6 and 7 are Black background... If you know the answer to the if any of these are Jo please leave me a comment and the number that is Jo if any.

Thank you for all of your help in letting me know it these are Jo.  I have a bunch more so maybe I will have to do this once a week to figure out what I have in my stash.

Want vs. Need

I have just joined the Nine Patch Challenge for 2011 - this will end on Sept 1 and all you have to do is finish your projects that have 9 patches...  I joined this so that maybe get my 9 and rails done that my girlfriend had done and I really liked it so I thought that I would make one too...  With all my projects that I have and material that I have, I can make about 5 quilts this year with out EVER having to buy more fabric... Isn't that great!
I have decided that I have to cut back on my spending as it seems to be all I want to do these days...  I am going to have to make a list of what I want and what I need.  So I guess if I don't have it for quilting I am going to have to save to get the want for quilting.
  • Rotary Blades
  • Batting
  • Quilt Backing
  • Quilt Classes (Appliqué and Hand Quilting)
  • Quilt Books
  • Special Fabric - Themed
  • Muslin for Stitchery
  • Wool for Crocheting
  • Silk Pins
  • Ruler 6x24 - last one is broken (currently duck taped to work)
So I have my list, and I have decided what is needed and what is wanted...  Well I really don't need that much to keep me going and making quilts.  The Rotary Blades I have to get today, as the one that I currently have has a nick in it and needs to be replaced.  If I only new where I placed the blades that I have already purchased.  The themed fabric, is because I am in a Christmas Block Swap and of course I need Christmas Fabric to build these blocks.  And of course the Ruler, everyone needs a ruler and one that is not duck taped to work.  My neighbour would get a chuckle out of seeing my ruler at the state that it is in...
My local quilt shop Traditional Pastimes, has some classes that I really want to take, but I am not sure if these are Need or Want that is why I have them in both colours...  I really would like to now how to Appliqué and Hand Quilt as I think that all quilters should know how to at least Appliqué as they make great additions to any quilt - Don't you.

Well it is time to start my day and get my son, ready for the day ahead.  Snowing here today so I will have to get out and shovel the deck - if my back will let me.

Here's to yet another cold day...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Found Fabric

This morning it was snowing again when I awoke, and decided to do some more cleaning in the Office/Sewing Room/Spare Room as it was getting really crazy in there.... Well also in hopes of finding my missing rotary blades.  While I was doing this I found batting and a lot of it, not sure why I needed so much.  I have found a Crib Batting not even open, miscellaneous batting for Flannel projects that I found... I bought these in 2007 - December and still have not used them, so I have decided that I am going to set aside for some quilt projects that I am going to start working on this year.  I really want to do some small quilts and really master my points.  So I have also decided that I am not going to be continuing my Aunt Amy Quilt as the Circles are way too difficult for me and they don't look right.  So I have all that material to put into my quilts that I choose...  So today I have a few more projects to cross off my list of ever completing.  One of them is Hand or something like that... I went to a class and you have a copy of each of your family hands, and then sew them on a block and it will turn into a quilt, well that has been at a stand still for 2 years so that is not long going to get done, but I will be keep my son's, my Hubbys' and my hand that I completed and add it to something so that I will always have those for every as Roy's hands are so small and precious that I don't ever want to lose that.  So I have a lot of fabric that I purchased for this project that I never completed, so I have to bundle those up so I know where I stand on that fabric.  Now that I finished my Gone to Texas, I have all of that fabric to use for projects.  I feel that I am in Fabric Heaven and LOVING IT.
But still no luck at finding my rotary blades, so I am guess I am going to have to go to the store and purchase yet another 5 pack and they are not cheap....

Happy Quilting and keep warm for your Frozen Canuk

Thursday, January 13, 2011

You Can Help, Can't You?

A while back I posted a little thought for the Aussies' that are being flooded and devastated by the floods.  I have never been in a flood, or anything that has destroyed me or my home.  My heart truly goes out to these people and prayers.
I was over at Stray Stitches and noticed her post about this.  And as I read and then I went to the Make it Perfect sight and I really could not resist put a post about it as, I feel that everyone needs a little help in life no matter the circumstances.
Next week WE can all help Queensland Flood Victims as there is an auction that will start on Monday January 17 and running for a week - that is ONE WEEK only.  On Monday January 17 Make it Perfect will have a master list of blogger who will be running auctions from their blogs, selling products that they have made or from their stores.  You will have ONE WEEK to bid on these auctions, and hopefully be the lucky winner of these great products.  Auction will be open for ONE WEEK and will close at Midnight on Monday January 24.  All the proceeds will be going to Queensland Government Flood Relief.  They are looking for Bloggers for the Auction, but I am unable to Auction anything as I don't have anything to Auction, but I will be looking at the list and visiting all the Blogs and placing a bid, so that I can help out with the relief.  If you do have item(s) that you would like to Auction please contact Make it Perfect, if not, would you join me in Bidding and hopefully be a winner of one!

So here it is in short - ONE WEEK
January 17 - Auction Opens - Make it Perfect
January 24 - Auction Closes at Midnight
All proceeds go to Queensland Government Flood Relief

Barn Door Swap

Good Morning,
I am still running the "Hole in the Barn Door" block swap.  I have a few signed up and are ready to start swapping and meeting new people.  I would really like to start the swap mid February so we do need a few more participants, if you would like to join or are interested please feel free to email me at and I will get back to you.

thanks for all that have joined and posted the and link the Barn Door Swap on your blogs.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hickory Hills - By Jo Morton

Well, last year - October, I saw the new book Coming Home by Jo and I fell in love with the Hickory Hill pattern that was in there....  While at club, Heather thought this would be a great quilt for club, so along with a few other gals, we started building this quilt...  Well I really did not think that I could do it just because of all the HST that it has - all shoflys 3.5 x 3.5 so they are small.  Well I decided that I was going to do this as I love Shoflys...  So I started on my adventure, well I had to stop because I was getting really addicted and focusing all my time on this and nothing else...When I decided to pick it back up I had a lot sewn, but not presses as it requires to press open...  So last night I decided I should figure out how many I have and how many more I need to make to get the top altogether...  Well it turned out that I had 50 light and 50 dark, and you need 85 of each... Well this morning I was off making 35 more of each to get the top done...  Well in the processes, my back went and I had to call my hubby in from feeding to get me up from the floor.... "I FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP" man did I feel old and I thought I should totally have one of those medical alert buttons, but I had my son who got me the phone... Well I spent the rest of the day on the couch and now I feel better....Well I have trimmed all HST and ready to get all the blocks done ready to put together...
Well also I would like to let you know that if you are getting quilting done by someone and not you... you should sew a little around the whole quilt so it does not stretch the HST and more there what has been done..Do you like how I wrapped them light are in the Light Blue and the dark are in the Dark Blue... I really can't wait for this to be done and quilt as this is I think going to be my fav......

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gone to Texas - FINALLY!!!!

I am so very pleased that I have FINISHED - yes FINISHED my Gone to Texas quilt.  It is not perfect by any means, and it is not worth anything if I were to sell it... My hubby asked that.  It was done first thing in the morning, well the strips and then I had to sew them together and all heck broke lose.  The sides weren't even, the bottom was off by a lot...  But I finished at 3 pm I got it all aligned but not that even, so I have decided that I am going to have make a bigger strip for binding... As I really can't cut any more....So here are some pictures of the finished quilt...

Well, I really can not express how gratefully I am for having this finally completed!!!  It has been a very long hard 8 months!!!  The next project I might just do little ones, and work on fine tuning specific areas of quilting - Applique, Hand Quilting.

Looking forward to class on February and start 2011 on little things.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gone to Texas

I was just reminded that my club rejoins again on February 16th - Girls Gang - Traditional Pastimes - so you know that means... I have to finish "Gone to Texas" I really don't want to do this... But it has to get done...  So I have all the stripes together, but I just have to do the main one... Which is more tricky then all the others as my block are not equal and the such, but that is what you get for doing what I did....

Stay tuned for the progress of this quilt, oh I have the back for it, I got it at a blow out - $5/meter at 7.5 meters.... I was what I wanted and one of the shops were having a going out of business sale (well a change of owners) and this was in the sale bin!!!  So now I just need to get the quilt top done....

Our January Snow Storm

Well, the weather guy was saying that a snow storm was going to hit during the night of Friday, but it actually came during the day on Saturday and then all night long - last night... This morning I woke up at 5:45 as a neighbour going to the Airport called to let us know that an Ambulance was stuck in the coulee and a tow truck was coming but we might have to get our tractor out and help... I have never heard of this happening before, and I lived here my whole life - well since I was 5 years old so that is pretty much my whole life.
The wind blew all night long, and this morning my front door was snowed in for about 1 and 1/2 feet, the dogs did not even want to go out the door... The last time I saw it like this it was in 86 and that was May, the only thing that me and my hubby were very thankful for was that the power stayed on all night long so we did not lose our heat!!!
Well this is our Cows all snowed in....
My Shed - how I measure my snow.....
Well it is still blowing and my Hubby has gone out to pull one neighbour out and then there is an other neighbour in the ditch that his son is going to pull him out, so today until the wind stops it might just be a pulling out they neighbour day....

This morning my sister called me, she is going on a holiday today - Cancun - and I was thinking about her yesterday and wondering if she would make it to the Airport for the flight... Well they stayed in the city at the Airport Hotel just so they did not miss the flight, so she called just to let me know that they were on the plane and leaving shortly, but the Edmonton plane is late so they are waiting for that.

I would also like to welcome my newest neighbour - a little boy weighing in at 7lbs and 7 oz last night at about 8:30 - no name as yet as there were really thinking that it was going to be a girl.... Well I just want to Welcome him to the neighbourhood.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Well as I stated before I am working on a Bikini Body... Well that is not going well at all... I have not gotten back on the Wii since I got it all set up... But I will, I have to..... I am doing a new blog about my ups and downs of this journey... The only thing that is keeping me going is CUBA!!!!  my Hubby said that we can go to Cuba if I achieve my goal... Well he does not want to go so this will be something that he is willing to do for me when I get my Bikini Body... Well I think I might want to ring in the new year in Cuba so that will be my goal on top of the Bikini Body.................

Well have a great day.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Prayers for my Aussie Friends and Followers

Good morning,
I am just sending a my thoughts and prayers to all of my Aussie friends and followers.  I hope that you are all safe and the Floods stay away.  I wish I could say I know what you are going through but I can't... The closest thing is a storm that hit here last August 2009 and wiped out our crops - it is still devastating.

Wish your homes and land to be safe and your treasures whatever that may be dry.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Treasure Tuesdays - aka Treasure Mondays

I was in Blog Land today and over at The House on the Side of the Hill has a post about her Treasure Tuesdays - and today it is buttons.... Well I just had to join in as I love a lot of different things so I have a button where you can click and go to her blog and check it out and sign up to be a part...

Today my Treasure is something that I received from my Uncle when he was in Zimbabwe working at the airport (I think) as I was a very little girl when he gave these to me... They are carved out of stone and weigh a lot.... I keep watching Pawn Stars (on the History Channel) and I think I want to go to Vegas just to see what these are worth - not that I would sell them as they are mine....

I hope that you have enjoyed my Treasure Tuesday (well today is Monday, Aussies are a day ahead of us Canadians)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rotary & Blades Lost

well today was the day that I was going to start working on my Blocks for my Swaps and well, I have no idea where I put my rotary cutter and I bought a pack of 5 blades, and I don't know where those are as well....
So of course I had to ask my Hubby as he does not like me quilting at all....nope he has not seen them and such... Well I am stumped at where I could have placed these.  So I guess tomorrow after swimming lessons, I will be going to Wal-Mart and getting me a new Rotary so that I can start cutting fabric and doing my blocks.
So I have to make 2 blocks for my quilt swaps and 2 blocks for Raggedy and Friends, with nothing to cut with....I can't even do the stitchery for the Raggedy and Friends :(
But the really funny thing is that I am constantly losing my seam ripper, and I know where that is.... I guess that is what happens when you try and organize yourself when you are not a organized person....

This morning I awoke to some snow, then about my second cup of coffee, I let the puppies out and it was snowing... So I thought I would share a picture of the Snow that we are having here in Alberta.  My Hubby is going to have a busy day today doing the chores or should I say WE are going to have a busy day as I am sure that I am going to have to go out and swing the gates to bed the animals....

Oh, I just thought that I would let you know while this was up loading... I did another search and long and behold I FOUND my lost rotary,  Blades NO but Rotary YES!!!!

your frozen Canuck

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I am sitting here while we have company, and I am thinking Should I or Should I not make a resolution this year...  I have never kept them in the past so I am thinking not... But then I was thinking seeing how I have this Blog if I do, do one I will have to be accountable for what I do.
So when we (hubby and son) were in the pool this morning, there were a few ladies, that had bikini's on.  Of course, we as women are very judgemental on our self etc. well there were a few that I feel should not have been wearing this type of bathing suit.  So I said to hubby, this day next year I am going to have a bikini body, and a well sculptured one at that, but only if I choose to wear a bikini.  My hubby liked that idea, so I guess that was my first resolution - Bikini Body.  With my Craftiness, I have decided to get my Scrapbooks up today - Which means I have to start working on them.  I am so far behind on my Gone To Texas that this really needs to be done before the end of 2011.  Well I think that this is enough but you know I think that I might only keep one of these, can you guess which one????

  1. Bikini Body
  2. Scrapbook - updated
  3. Gone To Texas
In order to get this Bikini Body, I am going to have to start working out - I got the Biggest Loser Wii game - and I am currently reading a book - Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads which is not a diet it is a life change so I have to finish this book and get started on my new healthy life.  I hope to have this book done by mid next week... Fingers Crossed

Scrapbook - Well I have to get my broken computer to Staples and have John look at it to get this off and onto my new one...  So when I get money for this it will be done...

Gone To Texas - well I will have to be in that kind of frame of mind to get this done....  It will be done (completely) Top, Quilted, Binded - and in use.

Well I done it, hopefully this will happen if for nothing else....for my health and get things done.

50-50 Winner #2!!!

I had to do a Second Draw as CrafteeCC only wanted the fabric and so I went back to and Christine is the lucky Winner of the Scrapbooking goodies...

Well I am very grateful to all my followers and those who leave comments.  I love blogging and just talking about nothing and for you who check in on my every once and while to see what I am up to.

Thanks again.

50-50 WINNER!!!!

Happy New Year's - Welcome to 2011

I have got a winner for my 50 followers, 50 posts....

CrafteeCC over at Cathy-MY Sewing Room She is a great gal and I have gone to her for some help about blogging when I was just starting out.  She was also my December Block Swap Partner, which I just blogged about.

CrafteeCC, I will be sending your package to you by the end of the week.

Thanks again for all my Followers and such.