Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding II

Ok ok, I have caught the Wedding Bug for William and Catherin – It took this long for me to get all caught up in it...  I was just a wee bab when William’s parents got married and I do remember watching it on the tv here in Canada.  Looking back at that I and watching the wedding again of Charles and Diana and then watching the this wedding – Wow what a difference.  If you look at Charles and William as grooms William you can tell is truly in love with the bride and is making sure that nothing goes wrong or him stepping on her dress…

William just has such love in his eyes when he looks at Catherine and so does she.
Close up of the Earrings

Now this is the wedding dress that I thought she would wear to her wedding

What a Morning

So today marked the day of Prince William and Kate Middleton got married... Now who of you out there got up and watched the wedding??  I set my alarm for this morning as I was dying to see her wedding dress.  I envisioned a simply yet elegant dress with some lace and a little train - not a long as Di's.  Well I got up at 6:30 a little late for the wedding oops.  So on to the world wide web I went to see what her dress looked liked.  Well I LOVE IT!! I think it was perfect not over the top and looks like it will be a hit with future brides to come.  Well I have found some pictures of the wedding that I would like to share with you.
Oh they are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - With 3 kisses on the balcony - that I was up to see.

The Royal Kiss the world was waiting for at  Buckingham Palace
Now that I showed you this of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge here are the rest of photos.

Her Earrings are from her Parents (something New) and the Crown is for 1936 borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II

Michael & Kate Middleton and sister Pippa going into Westminster Abbey

What a dress!!! - the click link does not work

Prince William and Prince Harry entering Westminster Abbey

Introducing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

On their way to Buckingham Palace in the same carriage that Prince Charles and Princess Di in 1981
Now that Kate has officially married her Prince!! Her new name is Catherine Duchess of Cambridge - goodbye to Kate and hello to Catherine.

To be honest I really like her sisters brides made dress!!!  When I got married that is what I wanted to wear for my day but but with the lace that Kate has - well that is not what I wore at all.  I guess it is what fits your body and looks good for you.  So if you are reading this and want the dress but you know it won't work, don't be disappointed as you will look great in whatever you get.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Well, Easter has finally arrived here in Alberta, not to say the weather is showing it.  But today it is suppose to be +15.  So far our Easter has been a crazy one.  We went to my In-Laws for Supper on Good Friday which was good but I could not eat meat due to my believes so watching everyone else eating Ham and Turkey was very hard but I managed the meal.  Yesterday, my son and I made the journey to Medicine Hat to visit my mom and my grandparents.  Roy was very excited to see his Great Grandparents, as well as his gramma and of course my sister was down for the holidays as well.  We arrived home at 10 pm last night and Roy went to sleep so that the Easter Bunny could make the journey to our house. 

This morning Roy came running into our room to tell me that the Bunny had come.  He was waiting for this day for 2 weeks as he so informed me.  The Bunny left a little trail of bags full of jelly beans and some foiled chocolate from his room to a pile of  Socks & Underware (he was telling everyone at preschool that is what he wanted the Easter Bunny to bring him), Toys and more chocolate and jelly beans and gum.  I think the bunny spoiled him a little too much.  Then I went into the freezer and there were the leftover chocolates.  I guess the bunny did not want to put out all the chocolate - good choice.

Today we are off to my Dad's for supper at 4 so another crazy day for Roy and I but, I guess this only happens once a year so I think that I will be able to handle today, fingers crossed.

Well Have a great Easter Sunday!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Has Spring Arrived???

Yesterday day it the sun was out and it was beginning to look at lot like Spring has finally arrived here in Alberta.  But we did have a really bad wind which was not so nice but at least it was looking like Spring.
Our cows were happy to be out in the field instead of being locked up due to the snow storms that we have been having and everything looking like it was going to start to turn green with the season of spring.  We have birds singing and gophers running around the fields.

This morning, there were no birds singing, but we received SNOW!!! yes I said it SNOW!!!! it is April 14th and we are getting Snow.
Our cows are not looking too happy with this weather that we got last night.  It is going to be a very busy day for my hubby as he has to check all of our cows and then start to bed (put out straw to keep them warm) and then feed the cows.  So for my hubby his day has just started (6am) and will probably be out until later this afternoon (3pm or so).

I was really thinking that spring was here to stay but not in this area of the country.... I think it is time for a visit somewhere there is actually spring and flowers growing.

Have a great Spring day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our newest addition

Well we started calving here at the ranch.  It has been a very interesting season as we are technically still having winter.  Spring really does not want to come at all, hopefully we will be able to jump from spring to summer!  I know that this is not likely, and the farmers around here are really itching to get into the fields to start planting the crops for harvest.

On April 4, I received a new addition, Roy has named him "patty pat" can you guess what addition I am talking about?

That's right a baby Calf
Now since we have gotten him, I got him on the bottle and then it has been Roy and Grandma feeding him as we got an other pail bunter - "Shaky Shake".
Patty Pat and Roy
I have been informed that we not longer have Shaky Shake to feed as we put her on to a cow that's baby had died.  So now Roy and I are going to start to feed Patty Pat.  We feed him 2 times a day and this will be interesting as Patty Pat has come to see Roy as his mama and follows him everywhere.

Today, Roy and I went for a walk around, but the weather is again turning for the worst.  We are expecting 10cm of SNOW - yes Snow... It is mid April and we are still getting snow, I am not liking spring so far.  Well Roy has decided to take his gator out of the shop as it is suppose to be spring so it should be safe right?  Well he loves this gator and goes everywhere in it.  But sometimes he does not allow it to fully charge before he starts driving it, and then it dies in the strangest places.  When you are on the farm and trying to get around you also now have to watch out for this gator stranding anywhere on your path.  TRACTORS beware there is a GATOR loose....

moving to the shop for charging
Have a great day and hopefully Spring has Spring in your Area!

Birthday Lunch with the Girls

On Friday, I went to lunch with my girlfriends to Cochrane.  It was a beautiful day and the company was GREAT!  For lunch we went to a restaurant called "Blue Dog Cafe" this is one of our favorite places to eat in Cochrane.  While there we stopped at this shop called "Poor David's" where I got a bracelet and a charm for a new charm bracelet.  The charms are call Chamilia and they are very beautiful.  I can't wait to start adding charms to this bracelet.  So when I got home I of course went on the Internet and searched to see what other charms are out there and wow there a lot of them.  So, my next step, I started a wish list that I will send out at Christmas time to the people that get my name so they have some idea what to get me.  I would love to show you a picture but the website does not allow you to save a picture... Totally sucks but understandable.

After are little adventure at this shop we went to another shop and me and my girlfriend both eyed this little cupboard.
it is really cute and then we opened it

now this colour really does not fit in my kitchen nor the price tag $199.  So I took this picture in hopes that maybe my Dad can build this for me to match my kitchen cupboards, because this is going to be custom built I will have to add some things to it like a draw at the bottom to hold the garbage bags and such.  Now I have to do my measurements and see if this is at all possible and fit how I would like this to fit.  But where I want it I also have to put into consideration how wide so that I can still open my oven door.

Then we went to the garden store... Well me and my not so green thumb bought some planters for Roy so that he can watch something grow.  Well I don't know what I did wrong but nothing is growing and I think that I messed this up some how.  But I am sure that if I send it up to Grandma's she will get this growing for Roy.

Well Till next time,

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Huston" we have a problem!!

 So my hubby and I moved to the farm on Thanksgiving weekend 2006.  Before we moved to the farm we had to trench the water over and do the septic etc as we live on a farm not in town to it is a little different as we live off a well that my hubby's grandmother witched for us.

So last spring I put the decks together to make one big deck instead of having 2 little ones.  I just wish this size was on the back of our place instead the front.  I can't wait for spring to really arrive so that I can get out and start working on my yard.

So the other day I was out looking at what needs to happen this year to the yard as it is only 4 years old and needs a lot of attention.  Our place was literally put in the middle of our pasture and then a fence built around it.  So my lawn is prairie grass, that has been this way since ever so we have to make this grass work and plant different grass that works with prairie grass - little bit of a gong show - wish I would have ripped this up and planted real grass...  while looking at the yard and my hole that I need to plant a new tree I noticed a little trench that has caved in... Where you might ask - right beside my block for my deck, and I saw this!

HUSTON-I think we have a problem!!!  With everything still frozen I am really unsure how to fix this.  Once the ground starts to thaw, I think I am going to lose the corner of my deck, very scared!

So today, I have to call my Dad - he has a bobcat - to see if he has any ideas on how to fix this before it turns into a wreck that is going to cause more damage then it needs to.

Well there is my rant for today.  It is suppose to get to plus 11 with 60 km winds, so hopefully that comes true so that it starts to melt the snow that is still here.