Friday, December 31, 2010

Are you a Stitcher...

Well I have started to dabble back in to the Stitchery world, and being here in Canada we don't have a lot of light time.  When you work full time and then get home and do that stuff well by the time you get down to the stitchery, the sun is either gone or going.  This leave me only the Weekends to do this as that is when we have daylight....  So I was at my local quilt shop awhile back - Traditional Pastimes - and telling her about this and how I need to get a really fancy light you know spend the money on things that you really don't need because after all I am a Shopaholic.  Well she said, in our classes we just use Tupperware and a light - How brilliant is that!!
So today I decide that I am going to look for something like this at my local Michael's Store and I want to start to make Christmas Ornaments for my Christmas Block Swap Partners and well they had a 12x12 scrapbook box with 2 little ones on sale!!  I am thinking to myself that this is meant to be.  It is regularly $21.99cnd and I got it for $10.99cnd and I got 2 extra boxes....  I then passed by just one 12x12 box no extras for $14.99cnd I was very impressed with myself...

I few days ago I was at Wal-Mart looking for a table (which I did not find) and ran into a friend Yankee Valley Stitcher and we started chatting and walking around and I found this light, she then informed me that it was a great little light, but I did not by it....

So today I went back to Wal-Mart and picked up this light for $19.98cnd.  Now tomorrow when the house is quite I get to try this out...This is a Black and Deck Snake Light - see picture below

So I spent $30.97cnd for a homemade window so that I can do my stitchery at night when my little one is a sleep.  What a great price for this so that I can still spend time with my son when he is awake.

my 12x12 box with extra and the Snake light

the light fits in the box all together or separate.....
 Well if you are in the same vote as I am, I really hopes that this helps save you a few pennies...

Your Frozen Canuck

My December Block Swap

I went to the Post today and  I got myself a little SURPRISE....  It was my December Block - Hole in the Barn Door from Craftee CC when I opened the package I thought I was going to cry - I am a little bit of an emotional person these days - The block was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  And the homemade Card - all I thought when I say this is why have not thought of this seeing how I am a scrapbooker - Thanks for the idea Craftee CC.
Full Block
Homemade Card
The colours - LOVE IT!!!

Stray Stitches Give away

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.  I was checking out the blog world today and found this blog and the give-a-way is AMAZING....

Here is the link to the post that tells you all about the give-a-way that is going on in her blog.  She is great and what she is giving away is great too....  I really can't believe she has that much stuff and is will to part with it.....
stray stitches is the place to go and see what she is all giving away...  I hope to see you over there and checking out her blog

Till then have a great New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Barn Door Swap

Well Hello,
I have created a blog for the BARN DOOR SWAP

I have created a Picture Link that you can take and add to your Blog, I have made the first post with some directions if you would like to join the swap.  Here they are:
  1. You to get excited about joining this swap and meeting people from around the world
  2. Any one can join, it is free - but there will be a postage as the block could be sent to anywhere in the world
  3. Take my Barn Door Picture Link and place this on your Blog - if you are unsure how do to this I will email this to you.
  4. Send me an email that you would like to join
    • Your Name
    • Email Address
    • Blog - if you have one
    • Full Mailing address as it should look on the envelope
    • Let me know which one you would like to do 7.5" or 12" or both
  5. Become a follower
  6. Subscribe to posts so you don't miss a post
  7. 12" (finished) Hole in the Barn Door - 12.5" raw - this is how it should be when you mail it out.
  8. 7.5" (finished) Hole in the Barn Door - 8" raw - this is how it should be when you mail it out.
  9. For the pattern visit Quilters Cache H/Hole in the Barn Door - only has the pattern for the 12", I have the pattern for 7.5" so if you choose to do the 7.5" I will email you the pattern

A Sucker For Swaps

Who does not like to swap things with one an other...  I love it...  I have joined several swaps in the last year and I love it.  I have missed out on some great swaps as I found them too late and then joined some that have turned out to be AMAZING....  So As I sit here the day before New Year's Eve, thinking to myself
  1. should I start a swap?
  2. what should it be
  3. how long of a period
  4. most importantly will any one be interested....
I love the Aussies, they seem to have this down to an ART, they are all so creative and have the Swap down.  They have created the 12' block swap in Regular and Christmas, Pincushions, Secret Santa Christmas Swap, Great nine patch, you name it they have done it.  And I really don't want to step on any ones toes or hurt any feelings if I start a swap on this side of the world - even though the Blog World is so small and we are all one.

So I have decided.... I am going out into the Blog World and creating a BLOCK SWAP - So what should we swap.... how about 7.5" or 12" blocks, what kind of blocks.... Hole in the Barn Door (2 colours or multiple) when does this start.... Let's say in one month February 1, 2011 - that will give me time to get a blog, get participants etc. Once I get this done, I will have to figure out ins and outs of the swap - 1 a month, 2 blocks/per person, wow who would have thought that this would be so difficult...

Hole in the Barn Door
Well Once I get this going, I will have to go to my Aussie Friends to see how this works as they have the blogs setup for each person to add posts to the blog - which I think is truly the most important part of the swap to share our glory in the swap and see the different styles (colours) used to make this block - but SCRAPPY is the way to go and I know that you all have Scraps around your room just like me...
If you are not sure how to make this Block here is the site that has a GREAT pattern & it is FREE quilterscache - HoleintheBarnDoorBlock

I hope that you will enjoy this Swap - If you are interested please send me an email at:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

50-50 Freebie

Well there are 2 more days until the winner will  be announced.  I have 50 followers so if you want in please comment on Dec 19, 2010 just to make my life easier.

I will be posting on January 1, 2011 - WOW 2011 I really hope that 2011 is better then this year.

Thanks again to all my followers.

MY Followers

Good Day,
I thought that I would send you all a little note to let you know that I am having technical difficulties.  So I have had to delete my original Feed Burner and do a different one... I am hopping that this will help etc. so if you would like to receive emails when I post a blog, please subscribe by Email - I have 2 different opinions for you.

Subscribe Via Email
  1. You can click on Subscribe to Hobbies with a Little Bite of Life by Email - this will ask for your email address and also give you your security word  - 1 stop shop
  2. Enter your email address & then click on the subscribe button and it will take you to the security word
Now for those who use Google Reader - I have no clue why this is not working... so if anyone has some helpful hits that would be great...

Ok so if you you have this as part of the blogs you follow - I am really sorry but you are going to have to delete me and re-add me to the list - I hope that, that will fix the problem.

So I guess if you want to get my posts you should subscribe and then you won't miss a thing, thank you for your patience through my technical difficulties.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quilting Update

So you have all probably wonder what in the world has happened to my Sewing, Quilting etc.  Well, I have put it on the back burner until after Christmas as I got really frustrated with trying to quilt my tree skirt which is still only half done...

I am into Block Swaps and I currently caught up with just having to do January's which I have to figure out what I am going to make. 

I have finally got all my floss for the 'Gardeners Jounal' quilt that I saw on a blog and had to get the book so that I can make this quilt.  I have copied all the embroidery pages to make them darker so that I can trace them onto my Muslin.  Now I just have to find time to do this and get going on that.  I have some of the fabric for the quilt once the stitchery is done.

I am also doing Raggedy and Friends and I have printed Block 5 and saved Block 6 (printer broken) so I have to get that traced and stitched as well.

So When Roy starts preschool again Jan 4 - I will have a couple of hours each day to do a little bit of quilting, stitchery and such.

I will keep you posted on the updates...  hopefully I will be able to get somethings done as I am sure missing my quilting.

Christmas WOW

Well I hope that all of you had a great Christmas and your New Year Plans are set or just about set.  Christmas for me was CRAZY - I did not like it one bit, I loved just being with my Hubby and Son on Christmas morning doing our thing.
As I posted earlier, we had an old fashion cattle drive...  It was great, it took my hubby and the owners of the cattle 2 hours to get to the new field and they sure had fun.

Christmas Eve Cattle Drive
Here is one of the pictures that I took of the drive - 3 people on the horses to the left are the YV Ranch owners of the cattle, my hubby is on the Buckskin and then the brother for SNS Hereford is in the red jacket.

After that we headed to my sisters for Christmas Eve with my family.

Roy opening his present from my mom
Christmas Day was crazy, it started with us opening presents and then having breakfast and then my hubby going to do chores.

This is how my hubby and son wrap presents for me - a whole roll and duck tape - at least it was red

a Guitar - my dad and his wife bought this for him - it was the first gift after the Santa presents and pretty much the last, we had to work on getting the rest opened.

Sledding at the dugout before heading to Grandma and Papa's for Christmas Dinner and more presents
Boxing Day came and went with doing nothing just relaxing.  Yesterday was my annual trip to visit my Grandparents but I had to cancel do to Roy being sick and I did not want to get them sick so maybe go down this weekend for a visit as I do miss them.  My Grandma made homemade cookies for us and that is what we gave to Santa as I did not get to cookie making this season as when I did the boys ate them all and I just never got in the mood to make them again.

Friday, December 24, 2010

50 - 50 Time...

Well I did say that I would do a draw on Christmas Day... But I only have one comment so far, then I realized that when I posted this that there were only a few day left until Christmas, so I have decided to extend this give-a-way to New Year's Eve....

So if you want to enter into the draw I will be doing it on New Year's Eve.

The Frozen Canuck

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all, today is Christmas Eve and wow do I have full day....  Got up this morning and 7 am when my son thought that it was time to wake up.  I had a great time with my friends last night while we were exchanging our Christmas presents.  I actually wrapped up one of my father in laws presents and brought it....  Well that was a lot of laughs.  My hubby went home and got the really gift...  Thank goodness that we don't live that far away.

So today me and my son are going to make homemade cookies for Santa and then My hubby is off to a trail drive.  This is going to be GREAT!!!  Just like how it was done in the old days, a few cowboys and their horses and add the herd of cattle and there you have a Christmas Eve Cattle Drive.  I will have to take some pictures and post them.

This afternoon, We will be heading to my Sisters for the afternoon and some gift opening and then we come home for our tradition of Steak for Supper, plus Baked French Onion Soup and some potatoes....  Not sure what kind of  potatoes that I will make as we usually have Schwarties Hash Browns but I will have to see if I get to the store for this today.

Have a great Christmas Holiday and I will be talking to you all later

Your Frozen Canuck

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Time

So today is December 20 that means we have 4 more sleeps until the jolly man comes and brings us gifts that we have been wanting all year long and just never purchased.
I was completely done my Christmas shopping on the 14th of this month but I have been slacking on the wrapping... Do you think the people would be be disappointed if they got the gifts without the wrapping... This year I wanted to make pillowcases and put the gifts into that but I never got around to doing that either... I guess it is time that I pull out the wrap and get to wrapping.

So what have you asked for this year?  Me I asked for nothing big just some little things but I did want a new computer which I got before Christmas so that was my present for my Hubby's parents and of course this was for my hubby as well, so I have been asked to install his JOHN DEERE game that he has so that he can play it.  My gift ideas were very low key and just things that I would not spend the money on myself as usually my money goes to the house or our son but very rarely to me.  So I  can't wait to see what I get under the Christmas tree.

This is where I would show you a picture of my Christmas Tree but it is so bare that I am a lot embarrassed of the condition of this tree.  But it is not Christmas until you have a tree - Right?

Do any of you have Family Traditions this time of year?  When I was little I had one, it was Christmas Eve, that is when me and my family (dad, mom, sister and my mom's parents and siblings) would go to midnight mass - which starts at 5pm - well mass did not start until 7 but to get a seat you have to be there early - you Catholics out there know what I am talking about.  After Church which was usually done around 9-10 pm once you get out of Church and into your vehicle to fight your way back onto the road to your house.  So by the time we get home to my Aunts if we spent it with them would be about 11, SANTA came and we got to open presents, making it a very late night for all of us and the morning brought us Christmas Wife Saver, and our stockings more gifts - LOVE CHRISTMAS.  If my family stayed home instead of going to spend with my mom's family we would go to mass and then drive through my town - of 6 streets - and look at everyones' Christmas Lights and then do the stuff mentioned above.
Now that my parents are no longer together, and it seems that we never get together for holidays as my Hubby's family has decided that they should have both days Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  When we were dating I still did the Christmas Eve with my family and Hubby would come unless his Brother and Sister-in-law had Christmas Eve at their place which they rotate every year so no one get hurt feelings.  But back to when my parents split my moved back home (Medicine Hat) and my dad stayed.  Since then we never had Christmas together, my hubby does not to go the Hat as he has to stay home as he has to tend to the Cattle and such so I had to make the decision of to stay or go.  Well I chose to stay every year.  And soon I am here with no traditions whatsoever.  Feeling lost and without the meaning of Christmas.  For awhile my hubby and I had a tradition and that was on Christmas Morning, we would go to our neighbors and deliver Christmas presents to the kids, I really loved this but now that they are all grown up that is no longer something that we do.  Then we had our son and that Christmas was CRAZY and I will not be doing that ever again... So what we do know is Christmas morning - it is just my hubby and my son and myself to open presents and my Sister and her hubby come over to open gifts as well.  Once the gifts are open along comes the Christmas Wife Saver - and then my hubby goes out to do chores and my sister and her hubby go home to spend Christmas with his family.

Long story short - looking for ideas for new traditions.

Your Frozen Canuck

Sunday, December 19, 2010

50 - 50 time....

As promised I have put a little bundle together for 50 followers and 50 posts...
I find my title for this a little comical as 50/50 means you buy tickets and you get half the money if your ticket it drawn...  Well in this case you get the gift.
Being a quilter and a scrapbooker I thought that I would but a little bit of both into this prize.  Now if you only want the fabric or the scrapbooking stuff that is fine but then I will be redrawing the the remainder so the first person that I pick can have both or one it is whatever you would like.  Yes i will ship wherever so that you can get your prize.

Scrapbooking - 4x6 picfolio, it holds 24 photos, of whatever you would like, it has a magnet clasp so you can keep it shout or make it as an easel.  I use one at my office for my family photos, and one at home for recipes that I use all the time.  Then there is a Disney punch, it is a great thing to re-gift if you don't do the trips to Mickey and the gang.  And a mini picfolio, this is perfect for wallet size photos or your credit cards...

Fabric - i have 5 - 1/8 in a variety of colours that do go with each other and 6 - 6x6 squares that I cut for a baby blanket that I am making and these were the leftover - I cut to many.  They have the Alphabet on them, I think this is really cute.

the prize

5- 1/8 fabric and 6- 6x6 squares white with the alphabet on it.
Now here are the rule for entering your chance to win.
1. MUST BE  a follower - as this is just for my followers
2. Your plans for the Christmas Holidays

As it is Christmas time, and everyone likes to have a little Christmas Cheer, I will be drawing this sometime on Christmas Day and the winner will be posted here as well as in an email to them.

THANK YOU for following my blog, and Merry Christmas from my home to yours.

The Frozen Canuck

Friday, December 17, 2010

This makes POST NUBER 50

As I mentioned an I thought that I would have a give-a-way for having 50 followers!!  I am so excited that you all think and like to see what we are doing here in Alberta!!  Well before I get to the give a way - it will be the next blog - promise and it is one you are not going to miss...

So on the 9th of this month my hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, wow - but on New Year's it will make it 16 years of being with each other!!!  I can't believe that it has been that long....

So I thought I would let you know what I did for my 5th anniversary.  The day started like any other day and really why shouldn't.  Sent Roy to preschool and hubby did the cow chores and I did a quick run to pick up one of my friends Christmas present and then came home and got ready to head to town... I wanted a family photo that I was trying to get all summer/fall but never happened.  So I insisted that we go to Sears for our photos' well my little guy really did not want his picture taken but we managed... All he wanted to do was go to see the jolly man himself - SANTA.

Why are you not smiling.....

Getting there but where are your teeth....

THANK YOU but why are your hands up?????  Well it will have to do

Me and Hubby celebrating 5 years of marriage and just about 16 years together.
 After all of these we went to see SANTA!!!!  Can you guess what kind of a smile he had on his face and only took ONE SHOT.....

Roy 3 years with Santa
 So that is what I have been up to this month besides the usual Christmas stuff.  Have you all got your Christmas shopping done???   Well I really hate to brag but I was done on the 14th, I just need to wrap the gifts and get them under my tree that was set up on the 5th....  I really can't wait for Christmas to come this year....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hello Blog Friends

Well it has been along time since I have had a computer where I can blog... I sure have missed this as the iPod just did not work all that great.  Today is my offical first day back to the Blog World...  I have my computer and am loving it.  Mind you I will only be on once and awhile but it is still better then trying to do this on the an iPod....

I have also noticed that I now have 50 followers, and I always said if I get 50 I will do a little giveaway.  Well I am going to be doing this and it will be a mixture of things, some fabric and some scrapbooking stuff.  A little of the things that I like to do...But I will post more about this once I get everything that I will be giving away, but I thought that I will let you know first that there will be something happening here very soon.

Well until I get my stuff put together, have a great week and I will talk to you later.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last Blog From iPod

Well last night christmas came early for me. My mom-in-law bought us a new computer! I am so happy I am just getting all my programs on it and all the virus protection and such.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Block Swap

After being released from the hospital, I had to finish my regular and Christmas blocks for this month. Well these have been completed and dropped off in the mail. I have these going Airmail so hopefully these will be there sooner than later or not lost. I could not post pictures as I am still computerless. My hubby and I have been over to the computer shop trying to get a computer that will work for us but of no luck yet