Saturday, January 22, 2011

Signature Block Swap

I have joined the "Small Quilt Talk" and they are currently doing Kathleen Tracy signature block.  These blocks are 5" unfinished and very cute, I am in the swap for the unwashed fabric there are 18 of us and the blocks have to be done by the 1st of April.  Well, I found my fabric in my stash that I used to make the blocks.  One night I cut all my blocks to the size that they are suppose to be, one night piecing and a couple of hours signing each block.

One of Kathleen's suggestions is to use freezer paper to stabilize the signature block for when you sign.  So I first has to try without just to see if I could - as I do, do stitchery so how much more difficult could signing a block..  Well I have learned that the freezer paper is a great idea, and why would you not listen to the creator of this block in the first place...  I will now be adding freezer paper to the back of my stitchery before I do the tracing as it works GREAT!!!

So I have all my blocks pieced, signed and ready to be sent to the hostess.  This swap was great, and I kind of regret not signing up for the Washed swap, but I am not sure how to really wash the fabric so I thought that I would just stay clear of that until I really want to figure this one out....

I can't wait to see what kind of blocks that I will be receiving from this swap.



Gorgeous signature blocks Shauna! i wish you'd joined the washed group coz i'd LOVE to receive one of your blocks.. Marian in Aust


very nice. Good call with the freezer paper, I am going to try and run it through my printer...

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