Friday, January 14, 2011

Found Fabric

This morning it was snowing again when I awoke, and decided to do some more cleaning in the Office/Sewing Room/Spare Room as it was getting really crazy in there.... Well also in hopes of finding my missing rotary blades.  While I was doing this I found batting and a lot of it, not sure why I needed so much.  I have found a Crib Batting not even open, miscellaneous batting for Flannel projects that I found... I bought these in 2007 - December and still have not used them, so I have decided that I am going to set aside for some quilt projects that I am going to start working on this year.  I really want to do some small quilts and really master my points.  So I have also decided that I am not going to be continuing my Aunt Amy Quilt as the Circles are way too difficult for me and they don't look right.  So I have all that material to put into my quilts that I choose...  So today I have a few more projects to cross off my list of ever completing.  One of them is Hand or something like that... I went to a class and you have a copy of each of your family hands, and then sew them on a block and it will turn into a quilt, well that has been at a stand still for 2 years so that is not long going to get done, but I will be keep my son's, my Hubbys' and my hand that I completed and add it to something so that I will always have those for every as Roy's hands are so small and precious that I don't ever want to lose that.  So I have a lot of fabric that I purchased for this project that I never completed, so I have to bundle those up so I know where I stand on that fabric.  Now that I finished my Gone to Texas, I have all of that fabric to use for projects.  I feel that I am in Fabric Heaven and LOVING IT.
But still no luck at finding my rotary blades, so I am guess I am going to have to go to the store and purchase yet another 5 pack and they are not cheap....

Happy Quilting and keep warm for your Frozen Canuk


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