Saturday, January 1, 2011

I am sitting here while we have company, and I am thinking Should I or Should I not make a resolution this year...  I have never kept them in the past so I am thinking not... But then I was thinking seeing how I have this Blog if I do, do one I will have to be accountable for what I do.
So when we (hubby and son) were in the pool this morning, there were a few ladies, that had bikini's on.  Of course, we as women are very judgemental on our self etc. well there were a few that I feel should not have been wearing this type of bathing suit.  So I said to hubby, this day next year I am going to have a bikini body, and a well sculptured one at that, but only if I choose to wear a bikini.  My hubby liked that idea, so I guess that was my first resolution - Bikini Body.  With my Craftiness, I have decided to get my Scrapbooks up today - Which means I have to start working on them.  I am so far behind on my Gone To Texas that this really needs to be done before the end of 2011.  Well I think that this is enough but you know I think that I might only keep one of these, can you guess which one????

  1. Bikini Body
  2. Scrapbook - updated
  3. Gone To Texas
In order to get this Bikini Body, I am going to have to start working out - I got the Biggest Loser Wii game - and I am currently reading a book - Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads which is not a diet it is a life change so I have to finish this book and get started on my new healthy life.  I hope to have this book done by mid next week... Fingers Crossed

Scrapbook - Well I have to get my broken computer to Staples and have John look at it to get this off and onto my new one...  So when I get money for this it will be done...

Gone To Texas - well I will have to be in that kind of frame of mind to get this done....  It will be done (completely) Top, Quilted, Binded - and in use.

Well I done it, hopefully this will happen if for nothing else....for my health and get things done.


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