Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tis the Season & SSCS2011

Well I have been in hiding - well not really.  I have been working on Tis the Season from Stitch-A-Long.  I started this when it first was posted on the blog.  But I left it in back as I thought I would have plenty of time to get it done...While Camping at the end of August I started doing my stitchery for this project... By September 5, I finally had 3 blocks completed.  Once I completed these 3 blocks the rest just seemed to come into place.  And before I knew it the top was done - with a stop at 3 shops. 2 were for the DMC Floss and 1 was for the backing.

The fabric that I used was Fruitcake - I love this fabric and I think it was a nice choice.

Here are the first 3 blocks that I did.  I did all the green block first as I thought it would be easier on me and my mind to do one colour at a time - until I ran out of DMC and then I had to switch.

Then I finished the next 6 blocks and put the border on.

Then I tried my hand again at Quilting this myself... Seeing how I only know how to do crisscross that is what I did here.

I have made the binding but it is not on yet, for a few reasons 1. My wrist has started acting up again so I have taken sometime off the sewing.  2. my son dumped my Best Press on my floor in the sewing room (now I have a starched floor by my cutting table) while I was taking a break from my sewing room.  Yes he knows that he is not allowed in there.

***side note***I have been blog jumping to see some of the gals that are in the SSCS2011 so if you see me there, I am just visiting and see what you are all about...

Till Next Time,

Monday, September 26, 2011

This and That

Well I am back for a few... It has been crazy around here between doctor appointments and Roy start preschool and doing my mandatory volunteering I don't think I had a moment to think...
OH WAIT-I have figured out what I am doing for my Secret Santa Christmas Swap partner :) I am really hoping that this person is going to like it.  Can't wait to complete and get it off in the post by Nov 19.

I also forgot to mention that it is harvest time here in my part of the world.  Usually this has nothing to do with me or my hubby.  But this year it has been all hands on deck.  My hubby has been helping the neighbour get his crop in.  And every year he gets some straw fields from other neighbours that he bails, so he does that and I turn in to the the gopher (the runner for this and that).  Now my hubby is not a farm by any means nor does he want to be, but growing up that is what his dad and grandpa did.  His grandpa also had a feedlot (sorta) at the home place and instilled the love of cattle into my husband-which he now lives and breaths.  So my hubby does the cattle here, and has a little side kick everywhere he goes and is now telling hubby he can't do anything until he gets home from school...On top of the farmers getting their crop in, the rancher (cattlemen) are pulling the bulls and getting the cows closer or home.  Once we have them home we the sort and take the calves to the market and get ready for winter and calving season again.

Off the farm and cattle talk - I have been busy trying to get better and working on some project that need to be completed (SAL) and other ones.  So have been drinking my tea and I noticed that I have made as stain on my counter from the spoon with the tea bag.  So now I need to get a spoon rest-well I am going to put that on my Christmas list as I will need a few the way I go through it.
I have also started scrapbooking again and have completed my 2010 album which has been sitting for some time and caught up in 2011.  I really love Creative Memories and the Digital products that they have available and such makes it so much easier and quicker.

Ok so that is all that I have to say for today.

Till Next Time

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Swap has begun

Well this is official, I just received my gal's name and such... Now I have to view her blog and see what she is all about and what I think that she would ABSOLUTELY LOVE.  I have a few ideas now and such but they have to be just perfect as I don't want her to think - REALLY this is what I got - what a joke - and not want to do this again.  As that is not what I am about.  I usually go above and beyond on my gifts, but this year I have a budget for all my Christmas presents (which is a first for me).  So now to search for ideas on her blog and wright them down and see what I can make/buy that will suit her fancy. 

If any one other has any Christmas Ideas I am here and willing to read all ideas, as who knows ONE of your ideas might be what I make for my partner.

Till Next Time,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Well it is that time of year again, where you get to sign up for the Secret Santa Christmas Swap (SSCS).  I was a very lucky gal to be able to get into this Swap.  I have been trying for 2 years and I always seem to miss the deadline but a day or two.  As you have notice I have it on my blog now so that means that it is Closed for another year.  I can't wait to see what my partener gets me for Christmas, and what I can give to her as we have to have active blogs so that we can get some ideas and what they like and dislike as you have to kind of get to know her to make sure that they get something that they are going to enjoy.

I have so many ideas running through my head on what I can make for her that I am just so excited to view her blog and get started on a project or two.  As these have to be in the post by November 25 so that they are to there distination in time for Christmas.

Well I hope that you all have a great SSCS this year and like all that you receive.

Till Next Time,

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Raggedy and Friends

I will start with saying I have my BlackBerry back!!!  I am so darn excited to have this back that I really did not realize how much I am addicted to it.  My hubby got the HTC the day that I took mine in to be fixed so I have been using his to text as he does not want to learn how to do this.  He only wants to use it as a phone and nothing else, so I thought that I would use his to do my texting.

Ok now on with it... I have finally finished my Raggedy and Friends top.. You get a lot done when you don't have email, texts or BBM's.  I am sure that my production will be going down now that I have it back....

So yesterday morning I really wanted to get it done so I was up before the Sun working on it, Here is Part I of the border and Part II completed.


I hope that you are enjoying your long weekend.  Tomorrow is cleaning the holiday trailer for the winter that should be easy as there is not that much in there this year.  Next year will be a little different.

Till Next Time,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Raggedy and Friends

Well I have finally completed the last 3 blocks and the stitchery...  I took it camping with me just so I can get them done as I had them on the back burner far too long.  Next step is to put the sashing and border on and then get it quilted.  Man I sure have a lot of quilts that need to be quilted.  Once this one is done I am up to 4 with a possible 2 more by the end of November.

Till Next Time

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thorn In My Side

I don’t think I have had so much trouble with a quilt once all the sections have been completed – minus Gone To Texas (which was my first ever attempt at ½ Square Triangles) – This was very easy with the piecing just very time consuming.  170 Shoo Fly’s countless HST – which now I can say I think I have mastered this.  You need them done, I have it down to a fine science. 

Once I had all the sashing done for each section and then trying to put this on the Center WHAT A TASK that was…I put it all on and then there was this HUGE bubble in the centre for some unknown reason.  So I took it all apart yes, I got the seam ripper out and away I went.  Then I put it all back together, this time the Bubble was still there but not as bad, but still there.  I just did not want to have a bubble I worked so hard on this and bubble was not in the plans.  I folded up my top and put it away.  I was so ashamed and disappointed in myself that I could not get this figured out.  I was totally done with this quilt and actually ready to donate to somewhere, not too sure where but I would find out.

So I left this behind again, and went to work on some other projects that were on my UFO’s to see where I was etc.  Well I finally got all my blocks done for my Raggedy and Friends, just need to put the together.

So feeling good about my accomplishment with Raggedy and Friends I thought that I would tackle my Hickory Hills one more time.  All that I was thinking that if it does not work this time I am officially done with it and all the hard work down the drain.  So picked up the seam ripper again and back to taking it all off AGAIN!!!

LONG and BEHOLD!!! I finally got it done and the top border on and it looks GREAT but there is still a little bubble, but not near as bad as it was the other two times but it works…  I really can’t believe that I have finally finished this quilt top and now I just need to find a back piece and everything and get it quilted.

Just so excited.
Top complete
Middle cornerstone
bottom corner
Till Next Time,