Monday, January 17, 2011

Friends and Small Quilts

Well today after swimming lessons I stopped over at my girlfriends for a little visit.  She just recently sold her share in a quilt shop and has been working very hard at getting her sewing room office all cleaned and reorganized.  Well I have been in her office/sewing room, but this time, I was amazed at all the fabric that she has - WOW - She has fat quarters, patterns with the fabric already (just needs to be put together), a books, patterns - you name it she probably has it - and I thought that I was addicted!!!  Well her stash is amazing and one that I would die for, but she has been quilting for years and owned her own shop for years on top of that... So I guess the longer you quilt the bigger your stash is - well my stash is grown in just the last few days, when I have decided that I was no longer going to make specific quilts that I had the material for...
With a visit and a search through her books, I came across a Kathleen Tracy book - PRAIRIE CHILDREN and THEIR QUILTS.  I have seen this on her blog and I have been really wanting to buy this book but I had to put it off as this is a want not a need.  But finding it in my friends book collection was a true find and I could not have been happier that she has allowed me to borrow this....
In the book there are 14 little projects, since I consider myself a beginner and not that great at my points, I am going to be doing 1 project a month until all the projects are done - there are 14, but I am only going to 13 as I don't need to make a doll apron, as I only have a boy and no little girls with dolls so no apron.  I am a huge fan of Kathleen and I love her blog.  If money was not such a tight budget at the moment I would join here American Schoolgirl Club where you join for 6 months and get a new pattern every month one that has never been published... So if I finish this book, I think that I will join this Club.
So this book is going to be my inspiration and trials as I make these little quilts.  Every month I will do a Post on my quilt and of course a picture of quilt.  I will be labeling the post: Prairie Quilts - KT (this is short for the title and the Author Kathleen Tracy.  So this is going to start in February, and the first Quilt that I am going to tackle is Friendship Star Quilt finished size is 20 1/2 x 25".  With this project I am going to learn points and how to quilt, I am so excited for my learning this year.  well it is time to start supper and get ready for Curling tonight.
Till next time,
your Frozen Canuck


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