Saturday, January 15, 2011

Want vs. Need

I have just joined the Nine Patch Challenge for 2011 - this will end on Sept 1 and all you have to do is finish your projects that have 9 patches...  I joined this so that maybe get my 9 and rails done that my girlfriend had done and I really liked it so I thought that I would make one too...  With all my projects that I have and material that I have, I can make about 5 quilts this year with out EVER having to buy more fabric... Isn't that great!
I have decided that I have to cut back on my spending as it seems to be all I want to do these days...  I am going to have to make a list of what I want and what I need.  So I guess if I don't have it for quilting I am going to have to save to get the want for quilting.
  • Rotary Blades
  • Batting
  • Quilt Backing
  • Quilt Classes (Appliqué and Hand Quilting)
  • Quilt Books
  • Special Fabric - Themed
  • Muslin for Stitchery
  • Wool for Crocheting
  • Silk Pins
  • Ruler 6x24 - last one is broken (currently duck taped to work)
So I have my list, and I have decided what is needed and what is wanted...  Well I really don't need that much to keep me going and making quilts.  The Rotary Blades I have to get today, as the one that I currently have has a nick in it and needs to be replaced.  If I only new where I placed the blades that I have already purchased.  The themed fabric, is because I am in a Christmas Block Swap and of course I need Christmas Fabric to build these blocks.  And of course the Ruler, everyone needs a ruler and one that is not duck taped to work.  My neighbour would get a chuckle out of seeing my ruler at the state that it is in...
My local quilt shop Traditional Pastimes, has some classes that I really want to take, but I am not sure if these are Need or Want that is why I have them in both colours...  I really would like to now how to Appliqué and Hand Quilt as I think that all quilters should know how to at least Appliqué as they make great additions to any quilt - Don't you.

Well it is time to start my day and get my son, ready for the day ahead.  Snowing here today so I will have to get out and shovel the deck - if my back will let me.

Here's to yet another cold day...



hahaha love the want and need list... sounds like you have set yourself a challenge xxx


I definitely need to make one of these.... I was in Traditional's yesterday and I really had to fight myself not to buy these pastel pink and black Lecien fabrics.

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