Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quilt Ladder

With busy working on my kitchen I took a few days off (which I am now kicking myself).  One day was just a me day and the other was doing a quilt Ladder that I have been wanting for ever.

I took a class at Rustic Ranch which is located just outside if Airdrie AB Canada.  So I got my ladder - they were pre-made for us (thank you).  I picked my colours which was Cannon Ball (black) & Purple Mountain, I want something different and not the norm that most people do.

So the first step is to clean, wipe down and make sure there are no nicks as this is being used to hold beautiful quilts.

Then you take your paint that you want as a base.  Mine is Cannon Ball.  Now go and paint away.  Make sure you get everything covered.

Once dry do the other colour, mine is purple.  Now the trick on this is how much work do you want to do to distress the piece.  The more (heavier) you put on the more work you will have to do to bring the base colour through.

Once that is dry then you start the distressing process - have fun.  By the time I was done I totally thought that my arm was going to fall off & I did not cover it that much.

Then you must pick a wax... you can go dark or clear. We had a sample piece that we tried the two different wax too.  I eventually chose the clear.  Well you wax the piece then wait for it to dry and buff it.

You can't put anything on it till the axis cured which by label is 30 days... I might wait a week or 2.

Have a great day

Kitchen DIY

Well it has been a very long process and I am just about at the finish line.

I have gotten all the top cupboards done and re-installed.  The nottom ones are mostly done with 4 still being painted.

I started thinking this will only be a week... I did read other people's story about it being 2 weeks & I thought no way.  Today marks it at a week and 1/2 since starting the painting so 2 weeks pretty much sums it up.  I will only be getting my kitchen done as my work place  will no longer be available as my in laws will be home.

1. Thing I have learnt, if you are doing 2 different colours you will only need a quart (small guys) of each colour.  Don't buy the gallon as you will waste 90% of it.

Thanks for staying tuned.  Will show when everything is done.  Can't wait.

Then on to the China Cabinet


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kitchen DIY

While since my pantry door was such a great turn out.  I decided that why not paint the kitchen cupboards.  Well I am only doing a little at a time as I don't want to have that big of a mess.  They are coming along great I think, just hope that no master handyman comes and investigates the doors up close & personal....

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kitchen DIY

Well, spring sure has sprung here.  I have a lot of projects that I want to get going on and others a little afraid to do. 

So today, I decided to start in the kitchen.  Well the white pantry door to be specific.  I was really sick of looking at it, and really white is not that great for a farm house.

This is the door with 1st coat on.  This paint takes 16 hrs to dry so I can't do another coat till tomorrow.

I am really hoping that it will look great and won't have to redo.  If it does then on to the cupboards.

Hope everyone is doing great & enjoying the great weather