Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MY Followers

Good Day,
I thought that I would send you all a little note to let you know that I am having technical difficulties.  So I have had to delete my original Feed Burner and do a different one... I am hopping that this will help etc. so if you would like to receive emails when I post a blog, please subscribe by Email - I have 2 different opinions for you.

Subscribe Via Email
  1. You can click on Subscribe to Hobbies with a Little Bite of Life by Email - this will ask for your email address and also give you your security word  - 1 stop shop
  2. Enter your email address & then click on the subscribe button and it will take you to the security word
Now for those who use Google Reader - I have no clue why this is not working... so if anyone has some helpful hits that would be great...

Ok so if you you have this as part of the blogs you follow - I am really sorry but you are going to have to delete me and re-add me to the list - I hope that, that will fix the problem.

So I guess if you want to get my posts you should subscribe and then you won't miss a thing, thank you for your patience through my technical difficulties.



Hi Just to let you know that your posts turned up in my reader (25 at last count) with the new name. That's good 1) because I can let you know it works and 2)'cause now I'm going to enter the 50/50 competition. Happy New Year to you!


You also turned up in my reader today too...

Peach Rainbow

So that's what happened, I got all the posts only today and I could enter your giveaway too ;D

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