Sunday, December 19, 2010

50 - 50 time....

As promised I have put a little bundle together for 50 followers and 50 posts...
I find my title for this a little comical as 50/50 means you buy tickets and you get half the money if your ticket it drawn...  Well in this case you get the gift.
Being a quilter and a scrapbooker I thought that I would but a little bit of both into this prize.  Now if you only want the fabric or the scrapbooking stuff that is fine but then I will be redrawing the the remainder so the first person that I pick can have both or one it is whatever you would like.  Yes i will ship wherever so that you can get your prize.

Scrapbooking - 4x6 picfolio, it holds 24 photos, of whatever you would like, it has a magnet clasp so you can keep it shout or make it as an easel.  I use one at my office for my family photos, and one at home for recipes that I use all the time.  Then there is a Disney punch, it is a great thing to re-gift if you don't do the trips to Mickey and the gang.  And a mini picfolio, this is perfect for wallet size photos or your credit cards...

Fabric - i have 5 - 1/8 in a variety of colours that do go with each other and 6 - 6x6 squares that I cut for a baby blanket that I am making and these were the leftover - I cut to many.  They have the Alphabet on them, I think this is really cute.

the prize

5- 1/8 fabric and 6- 6x6 squares white with the alphabet on it.
Now here are the rule for entering your chance to win.
1. MUST BE  a follower - as this is just for my followers
2. Your plans for the Christmas Holidays

As it is Christmas time, and everyone likes to have a little Christmas Cheer, I will be drawing this sometime on Christmas Day and the winner will be posted here as well as in an email to them.

THANK YOU for following my blog, and Merry Christmas from my home to yours.

The Frozen Canuck



yippeee! I'm the first! I'm never the first, but that probably also likely means I'm not gonna win, too. Ah, well, I'm never the winner, anyway - I count my blessings in other ways, tho - dear hubby, relatively good health, good-people children, and a funny, funny puppy dog! :) Oh, and more fabric scraps that I need!! But, since one can never have too much fabric, I was hoping I could graciously tell Shauna, "oh, just the fabric for me, thanks!!" :)

I am a follower - always here, seldom speaking, just laughing or sharing quietly along the sidelines. (But this is just too good to sit thru!!)

Christmas plans? Well, aside from decorating the main hall & cooking for 16, we're actually working that day, and I believe we are expecting 3 campers to arrive in the park that day (probably your frozen countrymen & women!!).....soooo.....we will be on the lookout for them and help them get parked & settled in for their long winter's stay. And if I can, I'm gonna squeeze in a stitch or 3!!

Thanks for such a fanTABulous giveaway!! Merry Christmas!! And congrats on the big 5-oh!!


yes, I am a follower ;-)
christmas plans are to enjoy time with the family ;-)
oh, and do a bit of sewing with my new toy ;-)


I am a follower! Thanks for following me!


Oops my Christmas plans were to spend time with the family and work in my studio!


I am a follower and have been for awhile now :)


As for my Christmas plans, pretty much spending lots of time with the family. Christmas day we were at home, then to a grandparents for lunch, then to my moms for dinner. The next day to another grandparents for dinner. Now we have been staying at home and just relaxing and the kids are playing and enjoying the gifts they have received!


Christmas has come and gone alas! I had 2 days of Christmas gatherings, one on Christmas Day with all my side of the family and Boxing Day with all my husbands side of the family. It's great fun - we eat twice as much but also have twice the fun catching up with all the nieces/nephews. All the cousins have a great time too as they are all similar in age!


I'm a follower. I've got you on Google Reader. My Christmas Holidays got sidetracked somewhat - my step-mom had a stroke, so we spent a lot of time in the hospital waiting room and visiting there.


I'm a follower and use google reader - it all came through today.

As for Christmas, I spent it with family in 3 functions -- Christmas Eve was my Dad for lunch, my in-laws for dinner (both at our house, with us heading out for Church in between) and to my mom's on Christmas Day

Peach Rainbow

I am already a follower, Thank you for the chance.
I wonder how i missed this post @_@
Please enter me for the lovely fabrics :)

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