Thursday, December 30, 2010

Barn Door Swap

Well Hello,
I have created a blog for the BARN DOOR SWAP

I have created a Picture Link that you can take and add to your Blog, I have made the first post with some directions if you would like to join the swap.  Here they are:
  1. You to get excited about joining this swap and meeting people from around the world
  2. Any one can join, it is free - but there will be a postage as the block could be sent to anywhere in the world
  3. Take my Barn Door Picture Link and place this on your Blog - if you are unsure how do to this I will email this to you.
  4. Send me an email that you would like to join
    • Your Name
    • Email Address
    • Blog - if you have one
    • Full Mailing address as it should look on the envelope
    • Let me know which one you would like to do 7.5" or 12" or both
  5. Become a follower
  6. Subscribe to posts so you don't miss a post
  7. 12" (finished) Hole in the Barn Door - 12.5" raw - this is how it should be when you mail it out.
  8. 7.5" (finished) Hole in the Barn Door - 8" raw - this is how it should be when you mail it out.
  9. For the pattern visit Quilters Cache H/Hole in the Barn Door - only has the pattern for the 12", I have the pattern for 7.5" so if you choose to do the 7.5" I will email you the pattern


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