Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas WOW

Well I hope that all of you had a great Christmas and your New Year Plans are set or just about set.  Christmas for me was CRAZY - I did not like it one bit, I loved just being with my Hubby and Son on Christmas morning doing our thing.
As I posted earlier, we had an old fashion cattle drive...  It was great, it took my hubby and the owners of the cattle 2 hours to get to the new field and they sure had fun.

Christmas Eve Cattle Drive
Here is one of the pictures that I took of the drive - 3 people on the horses to the left are the YV Ranch owners of the cattle, my hubby is on the Buckskin and then the brother for SNS Hereford is in the red jacket.

After that we headed to my sisters for Christmas Eve with my family.

Roy opening his present from my mom
Christmas Day was crazy, it started with us opening presents and then having breakfast and then my hubby going to do chores.

This is how my hubby and son wrap presents for me - a whole roll and duck tape - at least it was red

a Guitar - my dad and his wife bought this for him - it was the first gift after the Santa presents and pretty much the last, we had to work on getting the rest opened.

Sledding at the dugout before heading to Grandma and Papa's for Christmas Dinner and more presents
Boxing Day came and went with doing nothing just relaxing.  Yesterday was my annual trip to visit my Grandparents but I had to cancel do to Roy being sick and I did not want to get them sick so maybe go down this weekend for a visit as I do miss them.  My Grandma made homemade cookies for us and that is what we gave to Santa as I did not get to cookie making this season as when I did the boys ate them all and I just never got in the mood to make them again.



I can't *ever* bake enough cookies to feed hubby and the person for whom I'm making cookies! I swear, if I didn't know better, I'd think HE was the Cookie Monster!

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