Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Well, Easter has finally arrived here in Alberta, not to say the weather is showing it.  But today it is suppose to be +15.  So far our Easter has been a crazy one.  We went to my In-Laws for Supper on Good Friday which was good but I could not eat meat due to my believes so watching everyone else eating Ham and Turkey was very hard but I managed the meal.  Yesterday, my son and I made the journey to Medicine Hat to visit my mom and my grandparents.  Roy was very excited to see his Great Grandparents, as well as his gramma and of course my sister was down for the holidays as well.  We arrived home at 10 pm last night and Roy went to sleep so that the Easter Bunny could make the journey to our house. 

This morning Roy came running into our room to tell me that the Bunny had come.  He was waiting for this day for 2 weeks as he so informed me.  The Bunny left a little trail of bags full of jelly beans and some foiled chocolate from his room to a pile of  Socks & Underware (he was telling everyone at preschool that is what he wanted the Easter Bunny to bring him), Toys and more chocolate and jelly beans and gum.  I think the bunny spoiled him a little too much.  Then I went into the freezer and there were the leftover chocolates.  I guess the bunny did not want to put out all the chocolate - good choice.

Today we are off to my Dad's for supper at 4 so another crazy day for Roy and I but, I guess this only happens once a year so I think that I will be able to handle today, fingers crossed.

Well Have a great Easter Sunday!!!


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