Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Lunch with the Girls

On Friday, I went to lunch with my girlfriends to Cochrane.  It was a beautiful day and the company was GREAT!  For lunch we went to a restaurant called "Blue Dog Cafe" this is one of our favorite places to eat in Cochrane.  While there we stopped at this shop called "Poor David's" where I got a bracelet and a charm for a new charm bracelet.  The charms are call Chamilia and they are very beautiful.  I can't wait to start adding charms to this bracelet.  So when I got home I of course went on the Internet and searched to see what other charms are out there and wow there a lot of them.  So, my next step, I started a wish list that I will send out at Christmas time to the people that get my name so they have some idea what to get me.  I would love to show you a picture but the website does not allow you to save a picture... Totally sucks but understandable.

After are little adventure at this shop we went to another shop and me and my girlfriend both eyed this little cupboard.
it is really cute and then we opened it

now this colour really does not fit in my kitchen nor the price tag $199.  So I took this picture in hopes that maybe my Dad can build this for me to match my kitchen cupboards, because this is going to be custom built I will have to add some things to it like a draw at the bottom to hold the garbage bags and such.  Now I have to do my measurements and see if this is at all possible and fit how I would like this to fit.  But where I want it I also have to put into consideration how wide so that I can still open my oven door.

Then we went to the garden store... Well me and my not so green thumb bought some planters for Roy so that he can watch something grow.  Well I don't know what I did wrong but nothing is growing and I think that I messed this up some how.  But I am sure that if I send it up to Grandma's she will get this growing for Roy.

Well Till next time,


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