Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our newest addition

Well we started calving here at the ranch.  It has been a very interesting season as we are technically still having winter.  Spring really does not want to come at all, hopefully we will be able to jump from spring to summer!  I know that this is not likely, and the farmers around here are really itching to get into the fields to start planting the crops for harvest.

On April 4, I received a new addition, Roy has named him "patty pat" can you guess what addition I am talking about?

That's right a baby Calf
Now since we have gotten him, I got him on the bottle and then it has been Roy and Grandma feeding him as we got an other pail bunter - "Shaky Shake".
Patty Pat and Roy
I have been informed that we not longer have Shaky Shake to feed as we put her on to a cow that's baby had died.  So now Roy and I are going to start to feed Patty Pat.  We feed him 2 times a day and this will be interesting as Patty Pat has come to see Roy as his mama and follows him everywhere.

Today, Roy and I went for a walk around, but the weather is again turning for the worst.  We are expecting 10cm of SNOW - yes Snow... It is mid April and we are still getting snow, I am not liking spring so far.  Well Roy has decided to take his gator out of the shop as it is suppose to be spring so it should be safe right?  Well he loves this gator and goes everywhere in it.  But sometimes he does not allow it to fully charge before he starts driving it, and then it dies in the strangest places.  When you are on the farm and trying to get around you also now have to watch out for this gator stranding anywhere on your path.  TRACTORS beware there is a GATOR loose....

moving to the shop for charging
Have a great day and hopefully Spring has Spring in your Area!


Stray Stitches

Roy is adorable and so is Patty Pat!


Patty pan and Roy are both really cute.

crafty pug

that is so lovely! will be hoping spring comes for you soon...


Patty Pat is something that I think Roy needed, at 4 this is a great start to some Farm/Ranch responsibility. Now if only I would grasp this...

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