Friday, April 29, 2011

What a Morning

So today marked the day of Prince William and Kate Middleton got married... Now who of you out there got up and watched the wedding??  I set my alarm for this morning as I was dying to see her wedding dress.  I envisioned a simply yet elegant dress with some lace and a little train - not a long as Di's.  Well I got up at 6:30 a little late for the wedding oops.  So on to the world wide web I went to see what her dress looked liked.  Well I LOVE IT!! I think it was perfect not over the top and looks like it will be a hit with future brides to come.  Well I have found some pictures of the wedding that I would like to share with you.
Oh they are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - With 3 kisses on the balcony - that I was up to see.

The Royal Kiss the world was waiting for at  Buckingham Palace
Now that I showed you this of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge here are the rest of photos.

Her Earrings are from her Parents (something New) and the Crown is for 1936 borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II

Michael & Kate Middleton and sister Pippa going into Westminster Abbey

What a dress!!! - the click link does not work

Prince William and Prince Harry entering Westminster Abbey

Introducing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

On their way to Buckingham Palace in the same carriage that Prince Charles and Princess Di in 1981
Now that Kate has officially married her Prince!! Her new name is Catherine Duchess of Cambridge - goodbye to Kate and hello to Catherine.

To be honest I really like her sisters brides made dress!!!  When I got married that is what I wanted to wear for my day but but with the lace that Kate has - well that is not what I wore at all.  I guess it is what fits your body and looks good for you.  So if you are reading this and want the dress but you know it won't work, don't be disappointed as you will look great in whatever you get.



see we had a good time for the wedding..........the actual wedding was 8pm.......didn't think of a party wished I did before hand it would have been fun........

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