Monday, April 11, 2011

"Huston" we have a problem!!

 So my hubby and I moved to the farm on Thanksgiving weekend 2006.  Before we moved to the farm we had to trench the water over and do the septic etc as we live on a farm not in town to it is a little different as we live off a well that my hubby's grandmother witched for us.

So last spring I put the decks together to make one big deck instead of having 2 little ones.  I just wish this size was on the back of our place instead the front.  I can't wait for spring to really arrive so that I can get out and start working on my yard.

So the other day I was out looking at what needs to happen this year to the yard as it is only 4 years old and needs a lot of attention.  Our place was literally put in the middle of our pasture and then a fence built around it.  So my lawn is prairie grass, that has been this way since ever so we have to make this grass work and plant different grass that works with prairie grass - little bit of a gong show - wish I would have ripped this up and planted real grass...  while looking at the yard and my hole that I need to plant a new tree I noticed a little trench that has caved in... Where you might ask - right beside my block for my deck, and I saw this!

HUSTON-I think we have a problem!!!  With everything still frozen I am really unsure how to fix this.  Once the ground starts to thaw, I think I am going to lose the corner of my deck, very scared!

So today, I have to call my Dad - he has a bobcat - to see if he has any ideas on how to fix this before it turns into a wreck that is going to cause more damage then it needs to.

Well there is my rant for today.  It is suppose to get to plus 11 with 60 km winds, so hopefully that comes true so that it starts to melt the snow that is still here.



OMG you have a sink hole. I think you are going to need some dirt and rocks piled in there for support. I am not sure, but maybe a bunch of gravel and packing it down might help? Keep me posted.


That is horrible, you poor thing.


Hi Shauna...I have awarded you and an award via my blog... you don't have to follow through if you wish not to... wow hope you sort your holes out soon xxx

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