Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Fav. little Aussie Quilt Shop

Awhile ago I found this little shop called Hatched and Patched.  This was when I was looking for the Anni Downs book – Gardener’s Journal – for those wondering, I have not done anything other then have the fabric cut for this.  And I have signed up for emails etc.  Well I have become quite the little shopper over seas I must say.  My first purchase was a few little things, I had the greatest intentions to create these projects but as everything else, they are in the drawer of unfinished projects see (this post).  So a few months ago I got an email – in March/April I think that it was and I saw the cutest little sewing kit that I ever did see.  Seeing how it was close to my birthday I thought what the heck, lets get the full meal deal – the kit, the fabric everything, I did not want to go shopping for anything for this project, as I really wanted one so bad and this was oh so cute…

Well needless to say it is now the end of July and I still have not made this!!   I would really like to kick myself in the ass and hard.  I am hoping that I have this done for Christmas as a little treat to myself under the Christmas tree, something special that is handmade.  Please keep you fingers crossed that I actually get this done in plenty of time to get it under the tree!

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I hear you Shauna. I'm still waiting for my gardener's journal book which may not be a bad thing, lol.


Hatched and Patched sure is a gorgeous shop.......luck for me I get to go there and visit......

Alberta Gal, Shauna

You are so lucky!!!! That will be one of my dreams to go there (Australia) and stop and shop at this shop!! Eventually I will get there.

Alberta Gal, Shauna

Pat, where did you order your book from? I got mine from Hatched n Patched a long time ago.

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