Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spring Cleaning

So this week I have been doing my spring cleaning - yes I know that it is just about August...  I have totally turned my room upside down and through a bunch out - I really need one of those blue bins they deliver and pick up you know the ones that you can throw whatever you want in there and it is gone...  I have been thinking of finishing my jewelry holder (necklaces, bracelets and earrings) it is a hexagon (not even started actually) then I was trying to clean my son's room (which is a total waste of time) and I found a memory keepsake thing the ones that you put pictures in and I thought that it would be a great fill in until I make mine.  Yesterday, I went on the hunt for push pins that look like staples - do you know what I am talking about?  So I could not find these imagine that... So I had to settle for actual push pins...  I got home to hang this up so that I can put my jewelry away as my jewelry boxes are not big enough to hold all my stuff.  Well then I was on the hunt for my hammer - my hubby borrowed it and did not put it back where it should be...  Well this morning it is still missing.

So with cleaning everything this last week I have gotten more laundry to do then I wanted - should have picked up more detergent when I was in town yesterday...  And the fitted sheets who likes or even knows how to fold them...  Well I went on the Internet and found this HOW TO FOLD A FITTED SHEET and I tried I even took old sheets out of my closet to practice... Well I am hoping that I will become a pro like this lady.  They don't even look like this but they lay somewhat flat so that is great!

So today is my son's big debut at the Rodeo-I have all the camcorders, cameras etc charged and ready to go.  He will be riding a sheep just in case you were wondering... I really can't wait to see if
1. actually rides
2. how far he goes
3. how he is afterwards... 
He has this big vision of riding a bull or bucking horse when he gets older (14 years is when he can start) but I keep telling him he will be too tall and he should try Bull Dogging (Steer Wrestling) or Calf Roping, fingers crossed that if he wants to do the rodeo that this is what he will decided to do.  I am not really sure who is more excited about this me, him or my sister.  Today, his whole family (and lots of friends) will be there to watch him ride the sheep with the exception of my dad who is driving his old car from home to Saskatoon to home and should be home tonight sometime-it is some country cruise thing that they do every year.

I will be posting about the ride as soon as I figure out how to get the disc from the camcorder to my computer etc.  I only had this thing since Roy was born and still never figure that part out...

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I hear you about the cleaning! I really need to do the same. I like the new blog look- very nice. How did the rodeo go?

Alberta Gal, Shauna

Thank you so much... I really like the new look as well.
Rodeo went well - post will be done soon.

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