Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do you have a Smart Phone?

So in March I purchased a BlackBerry - yes the BlackBerry, not the iPhone.  I have been getting some slack for having the Berry but you know I think I like it better then iPhone - it has a back button I LOVE this feature.

So of course I got the full meal deal on this - Internet, social network package you know a girl just can not be out of the loop - can she?  Oh and of course I had to get the newest one out there THE TORCH it is the one that slides and gives you a keyboard which is supper nice. I don't like the touch screen I find my fingers to chubby for this...

For the social network I have Facebook (who doesn't), text message, and I just set up my Google (gmail), and Yahoo accounts.  Oh lest not forget BlackBerry Messenger.  So here is what I have noticed - BBM (Blackberry Messenger) you can see all the people that are on your list and if they are busy or not.  For Google & Yahoo it does the same thing, but if you are on line (computer) and log off it shows you off line but if you have it on your phone you can just be avail or busy... With you BBM you can have several Email address that you want to keep a tab on.  So far I have 2 and soon will be adding my yahoo account.  If you are wanting to know my email accounts you can click on contact me...My Yahoo account was originally for my Small Quilt Talk - but now it is for everything too.  I just checked my yahoo account and I have 2063 emails... CRAZY!!  Well now I can keep up with this as it is now on my PHONE!!

I am young and old (35) - I grew up when cell phones were just coming out and were a small fortune (back then) so of course I did not have one.  I got my first cell phone (bag phone) at the age of 22ish from my friend as she got a new one and paid $25.00!  Now a day, everyone is on a cell, I think the youngest that I saw was around 9-10.

Well, I love my smart phone, and I am trying to get my hubby on one - seeing all his friends have one, and even his DAD has one...My hubby actually took the text off so, if you send him a text he does not receive it...He also got a Mike phone and still does not know how to use it - can't Mike someone, it was funny when he got it and his friends would Mike him and he did not know how to Mike back... it was the joke around here for a little while.  He has had his Mike for 3yrs...I guess that is what happens with technology.  My Hubby does not nor does he want to learn how to use a computer, he always says that is why he has me to do the computer stuff for him.

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I just got my blackberry... not on a data plan, just the social plan so I get facebook, etc... but no internet.

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