Sunday, February 27, 2011

SAL - Gardener's Journal

So today, it looks like my hubby will be outside most of the day bedding our cattle seeing how the snow has stopped falling...  I am not sure how long this will be in the mean time, I will be doing the laundry as my little boy, loves to change his shirts at least 5 times day... and the laundry piles up.

So I showed you earlier the fabric that I will be using for my Quilt and I have gone through it again, and picked the 10 fabrics as per the book, and with the left overs I will have enough for the inner border, outer border and binding.  With that being said, I might even be able to patch the other pieces together for the back.

Charlevoix - Minick & Simpson by Moda
Like yesterday, was spent cutting and piecing all the fabric for my Raggedy and Friends, well today is just cutting what is needed for my GJ.  This was the Stitch A Long for 2010, they started in April so I will be starting soon so I guess March, and it will go to January, if I stick to the Plan of Attack that Chookyblue outlined for the group.  I am so excited about this and I love the light colours that I have purchased (Flood Relief Auction).
Well the cutting will begin shortly, and I can't wait to get some pieced together and show you what the First Block will look like G is the block that I will be working on.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Raggedy & Friends con't

Thank goodness for snow - I guess - it allowed me to do some sewing...  I got all my blocks caught up...  Now for all the pictures for the blocks that I have finished...

All of the above Block 4

All of the above are Block 5

All the above Block 6

All above blocks 7

All above blocks 8

All above blocks 9
Well, there you have my busy day at home as the snow fell...  Piecing blocks together that I let sit too long...

Till next time,

Raggedy & Friends where have you gone

I have been a little under the weather with my quilting as I have gone back to work.  So The Painted Quilt has sent all BOM for Raggedy and Friends as she is in the mist of Reno's, I wish I was in the mist of Reno's instead of this slump.

Well this morning I woke early... and I decided that today is the day to get caught up on my Raggedy and Friends.  I have only completed 3 blocks...but I have done all the stitchery for 6 blocks, it is the cutting that I just don't feel like doing...My mission this morning was to get all the fabric cut for the 6 blocks that I have done the stitchery for as well as the last 3 blocks so that I don't have to cut any more fabric for this....By the time that I finished the 6 blocks of cutting, I had enough.... So now I am going to working on piecing these together so I can say that I am some what caught up with the block of the month.

The whole reason that I am trying to get this done is so that I can start my Gardener's Journal and Tis the Season Stitch A Long.

So today I am going to get all my blocks pieced together so that I can start to work on Block 10, 11 & 12.  With all the pieces cut I guess it should not take too long should it?

Well I guess I will let you know once all the blocks are done.

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Blog

I have started a new blog about my Coxcomb Medallion that is a year in progress so if you are interested, just look at the top for the Coxcomb Medallion Tab to follow my progress on the link.

Here is what the Quilt is going to look like.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Award winner!!!

I have received this lovely award from Sylvia and Cathy - thank you so much.
In accepting, I understand there are a few little rules...

Thank you so much Ladies, for thinking of me.

I would really like to pass this on to ALL of the blogs I follow but for the purpose of this exercise I have limited my selection to those who have less than 50 followers.

I would like to pass this award on to the following people:
1) You have been tagged, do you want to accept?
YES! then create a post on your blog and post the love blog photo.

2) Link back to the person who gave you the award and say if you accept.
3) Choose 3-5 of your favourite blogs to tag, link these in your post too and tell the lucky people they have been tagged.

The aim of this award is to bring unknown good blogs to light, therefore, please don't tag somebody with 3000 followers.

Sylvia and Cathy – Thank you so much for giving me this award – I would like to send it back to you for reading my blog and all your lovely comments!

If any of you do not wish to accept this award, which is ok too.  Just say, Thanks but No thanks.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Parcels Received

Today our weather is not that great -16 but my mail is a treasure to be had!!!  Awhile back I bid on some fabric and a book from Kerry Swain - Cottage on the Hill, this has just arrived and the fabric is great!!! I think that I will use this to make my Gardener's Journal Quilt!!!  I am one very luck duck...  Kerry also has a blog if you want to check and see what she is doing
Kerry has even autographed my book!!!

Now I did say Parcels...
I got all my books that I ordered from Kathleen Tracy and I am just so darn excited to read the stories and do the projects...  I love reading Kathleen's Blog and see the new things she is working on.

Well tonight is the first Club meeting for Girls Gang over at Traditional Pastimes and I can't wait to go!!  Well chat at you all late

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Auction Bid - Received

When I got home from my holidays, I had a package in my mailbox.... It was from Wendy over at Sugarlane Quilts.  I can't wait to build this quilt, it might be the one that was a feature on one of my quilt mags that I receive - Granny Square Quilt.

The fabric is Peppermints & Hollyberries 12 Days of Christmas 57 x 3" Strips.  This is lovely and I am so glad that I won!!!


****PHOTO HEAVY*****

I am home from my holidays - visiting my In-Laws in the states.  While we were there, we celebrated my boys 4th birthday. 

Happy 4th Birthday!!!
He wanted the Dodge Charger
The next day my hubby and me decided to go on a little adventure of our own, to Tucson and Tombstone.  We left around 9 in the morning and we got to Tucson at about 12:30 but we did not stop as the wind was so bad that we did not feel like visiting Old Tucson Studios in the wind - well I did not, so we just kept on going to Tombstone.  At Tombstone, we say a remake of the OK Corral shoot out with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday and Cowboys, it was OK, but I will not be going back there anytime soon. 

They look remarkably to the ones in the movie
When we left there we went to Tucson and stayed the night there and had a night out it was a good day.  In the morning we went to Old Tucson Studios, we got there at 9:45 am and the doors opened at 10 am, so we looked around at the gift shop and then head out.  We were there until 3:30 when we decided that it was time to go home as we did not want to drive in the dark.

Yes, I got on a horse... It was a really nice little trail ride, and it gave me the confidence that I need to get on my horse back home - Norman.  I have not ridden a horse since I got pregnant in 2006 and then once Roy was born, my horse got hurt and I just never got on for a ride.  But I think from this little trip I will be on a horse once again.

Well these are only a select few photo's of my trip as I took over 600 - mostly mountains and such but still very beautiful.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

going, going, gone

Well all, it is official, I am going on holidays.....  I will see (post) when I return.  Have a great WEEK

I really wish that I was going to this destination - CUBA - but unfortunately, I am just going to AZ to visit the In-Laws!

Still have faith that I am going to Cuba in December!! Can't wait.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tis the Season - Stitch-a-Long

I have just been searching blog land and Stitch-a-Long is hosting another stitch-a-long.  I am so excited about this that I am jumping out of my skin!!!!
This is the new stitch-a-long that will be starting in March.  I can't wait to find this book and look at it and get the materials that I need for this!  If you are interested you might want to head over there ASAP as this will fill up FAST and you might lose your chance to join this year.  Here is the site Stitch-a-long and just follow how they direct you to join - Good luck.

This was last years stitch-a-long, that I was way too late in finding and so I purchased the book and some muslin to start my stitching - well it is all where I have left it once I got it.

I am still working on the Raggedy and Friends stitichery that The Painted Quilt is hosting - the patterns come out the 20th of every month.  I am a few months behind on this, but I have the stitchery done, I just need to cut the fabric and get it all pieced together.  My son thinks that this is for him as well.  He actually has claimed all my quilts with the exception of one - which I was shocked that he did not like

I am a few months behind on this, but I have the stitchery done, I just need to cut the fabric and get it all pieced together.  My son thinks that this is for him as well.  He actually has claimed all my quilts with the exception of one - which I was shocked that he did not like it, but I am glad that he did not as I like it and I want it for myself!  Yes I am being a little selfish.
This is the quilt that he LOVES!!!
That's right my "Gone to Texas".

Friday, February 4, 2011

Block Received from Rosemary

Yesterday, I got my mail and there was a little surprise in there for me...
It was my January Block - LOVE IT - it is great!!!  I love the bold colours and Rosemary sent me a little postcard to let me know that about the colours and such it was great.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank You

I have joined a Hexagon Swap, but I did not have a clue how to make one of these..  So I asked a few people that I know do these for Flower Wednesday.  So I would like to say a special thank you to Stray Stitches and Creative Confessions and for providing me with the 2 links on how to make these Jaybird Quilts and Sunshine's Creations.  Without these two ladies and the websites that they have directed me to, I don't know if I would have been able to make this

And then I was able to finish the flower to look like this, I am so happy that I was able to do this and now I am on my away to making more and some for the swap as well.

Thank you, a million times over.