Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thorn In My Side

I don’t think I have had so much trouble with a quilt once all the sections have been completed – minus Gone To Texas (which was my first ever attempt at ½ Square Triangles) – This was very easy with the piecing just very time consuming.  170 Shoo Fly’s countless HST – which now I can say I think I have mastered this.  You need them done, I have it down to a fine science. 

Once I had all the sashing done for each section and then trying to put this on the Center WHAT A TASK that was…I put it all on and then there was this HUGE bubble in the centre for some unknown reason.  So I took it all apart yes, I got the seam ripper out and away I went.  Then I put it all back together, this time the Bubble was still there but not as bad, but still there.  I just did not want to have a bubble I worked so hard on this and bubble was not in the plans.  I folded up my top and put it away.  I was so ashamed and disappointed in myself that I could not get this figured out.  I was totally done with this quilt and actually ready to donate to somewhere, not too sure where but I would find out.

So I left this behind again, and went to work on some other projects that were on my UFO’s to see where I was etc.  Well I finally got all my blocks done for my Raggedy and Friends, just need to put the together.

So feeling good about my accomplishment with Raggedy and Friends I thought that I would tackle my Hickory Hills one more time.  All that I was thinking that if it does not work this time I am officially done with it and all the hard work down the drain.  So picked up the seam ripper again and back to taking it all off AGAIN!!!

LONG and BEHOLD!!! I finally got it done and the top border on and it looks GREAT but there is still a little bubble, but not near as bad as it was the other two times but it works…  I really can’t believe that I have finally finished this quilt top and now I just need to find a back piece and everything and get it quilted.

Just so excited.
Top complete
Middle cornerstone
bottom corner
Till Next Time,



This is such a beautiful quilt.


It's beautiful! Congratulations on getting it finished! :0)

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