Monday, September 26, 2011

This and That

Well I am back for a few... It has been crazy around here between doctor appointments and Roy start preschool and doing my mandatory volunteering I don't think I had a moment to think...
OH WAIT-I have figured out what I am doing for my Secret Santa Christmas Swap partner :) I am really hoping that this person is going to like it.  Can't wait to complete and get it off in the post by Nov 19.

I also forgot to mention that it is harvest time here in my part of the world.  Usually this has nothing to do with me or my hubby.  But this year it has been all hands on deck.  My hubby has been helping the neighbour get his crop in.  And every year he gets some straw fields from other neighbours that he bails, so he does that and I turn in to the the gopher (the runner for this and that).  Now my hubby is not a farm by any means nor does he want to be, but growing up that is what his dad and grandpa did.  His grandpa also had a feedlot (sorta) at the home place and instilled the love of cattle into my husband-which he now lives and breaths.  So my hubby does the cattle here, and has a little side kick everywhere he goes and is now telling hubby he can't do anything until he gets home from school...On top of the farmers getting their crop in, the rancher (cattlemen) are pulling the bulls and getting the cows closer or home.  Once we have them home we the sort and take the calves to the market and get ready for winter and calving season again.

Off the farm and cattle talk - I have been busy trying to get better and working on some project that need to be completed (SAL) and other ones.  So have been drinking my tea and I noticed that I have made as stain on my counter from the spoon with the tea bag.  So now I need to get a spoon rest-well I am going to put that on my Christmas list as I will need a few the way I go through it.
I have also started scrapbooking again and have completed my 2010 album which has been sitting for some time and caught up in 2011.  I really love Creative Memories and the Digital products that they have available and such makes it so much easier and quicker.

Ok so that is all that I have to say for today.

Till Next Time



busy busy as always........glad you have the SSCS sorted......

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