Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Holiday

Before we left on holidays, me and my hubby and my In-Laws went together to and got a holiday trailer…  We got it on Saturday, picked it up Monday night and left around 11 am on Tuesday.

Giant Windmill on the way to Montana
We are heading to MONTANA – Eureka/Rexford to be exact.  When we arrived at the border we were all a little (hubby and me) on edge–not that we have anything to hide-but we just hear the horror stories.  Passed with very few questions and off.  Hit the campground at 4:30 ish.  Now Hubby and I have not camped in 15 years yes 15 years.  And we got a holiday trailer…
New Trailer - 2005 Nash
Hubby got help with the neighbour to set out the awning, while I organized everything inside.  Then our Fridge would not work well we had all of our friends (boys) over trying to help with that a totally of 6.  Still not sure what it is, thought we would have to got Kalispell to get a new part.  Then our Hot water was not working… Got that fixed.

Day 2 – Everything is working and a go.  Holidays are happy now.  With the exception, I did not bring a quilt as it was 36 degrees so nope forgot those at home and hubby froze the first night…
Fire Captain
Day 3 - Boating with the neighbours whom are really good friends with the family.  It was very fun.  Roy had a blast - Tubing, Driving, Floating in the water and just being on the boat.  They were great with Roy and I.  Then went back to their place for happy hour and a shower - thank goodness they have a house with running water LOVED IT!!  I totally loved being out on the boat and having a nice visit with our friends and just enjoying the water, floating and watching Roy enjoying every minute of it.. Well almost every minute (had a few tantrums that those were resolved).
Cheryl, Penny & Jeneva
Lake and view

Roy driving with Dave

Roy & Dave
Day 4 - Kalispell
Hubby could not decide what day we were leaving.  So on Friday I said we need to go to Kalispell as I have never been there and I really wanted to see the country side.  So we went, it was a drive but we are used to this as we live about 45 minutes from Calgary so it was nothing but beauty.  Only made one stop at Murdoch's... This is where Roy cleaned up - 2 shirts, 3 jeans, Semi and Grain Hauler, Semi and Bail Hauler.  Hubby got a belt and I got a sweater...Headed back home.  On our way to Kalispell we say this BEAUTIFUL lake and wow did it look great.  I read the sign and it said Trego, well me might try this next year ans see what it is like camping there.  So now I am searching for our next summer vacation spots.  Later that night we went to another good friend of mine -whom are building a cabin - for a visit and a shower.  As we had an early supper and I wanted Dale to see their place before we left.  It is beautiful there, they have a moose and 2 cougars that live in their area... Don't mind the moose but oh my 2 cougars that is a little scary for me.
Hubby and Roy

Day 5 - Shopping and Lunch
The girls decided that we needed a break from camp.  The 3 of us plus a baby headed into Eureka for some shopping and lunch.  We left the boys with the men and wow did that feel good.  Well lunch took 2 hours so we were thanking god that we did not have the little boys with us.  After lunch it was off to the shops.  I am still kicking myself for not buy this ring that I liked and more Huckle-Berry Coffee...  Well next time I will know to stalk up on this.  As soon as we got home the Boys loaded up and headed for the Rexford Bar...did not stay long as there was a 50th Birthday and Old Cars thing.  Oh well.

Day 6 - Fishing
my hubby was quite a little fisherman this trip.  He went out one day (the day that Roy & I went boating) fishing and got a big Trout.  He was very happy about this, still waiting for the picture of it...then our last day at camp we (hubby, Roy & I and the Longson's) went fishing again.  I am not a fishing person at all.  But I sat and read my book and just enjoyed being out on the water.  We caught 10 Kootenai Salmon, which I think they are going to smoke but not sure...  It was a great day on the boat just enjoying.

Hubby First Catch of the day

Roy showing it off

My Fisherman


Roy & hubby in the lake

Hubby trying out the Jet Ski

HOME- We were packed up and out of the park by 8:40 am - I did not even have my coffee my hubby just wanted to get going home... Our first stop was in Claresholm - this only 1.5 hours from home... had lunch, and then went shopping again.  Roy scored again...

Roy roping at Frontier in Claresholm

It was a great holiday and it will be one that I will be doing again....

Till Next Time,


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