Monday, August 8, 2011

Clean/Crafts and Holidays

So, as previous, I have been a mad woman around this place CLEANING...I cleaned the Kitchen everything, then moved to our room - 5 bags clothes etc to good will - wow did that ever make me feel good.  I even had maternity clothes and my son is 4 should have gotten them gone along time ago but at least they are gone now.

NEXT stop - Sewing/Computer/Scrapbook/Spare Room - What a disaster this place was - I had so much junk and such from all my projects.  Sewing has the most, here I kept going to buy more fabric because I did not have a good STASH - well it is amazing what you find when you clean.  Now I just need shelves put up so that I can see what they are etc.  My stuff is crazy, I need to have a sale of paper stock and such but I am such a pack rat that I am scared that if I get rid of it I will have to go and re-purchase and I really don't want to do that.  EVEN though I now do digital and no longer do the traditional, so why not...  Maybe next time I clean I will get rid of the stock...I just have to now paint the room with the paint that I already have purchased so that will be next weeks project.  My computer area is still a little bit of a mess but that will be done eventually.

Now, for the fun and good news - I am officially going on holidays... My hubby finished bailing hay on Wednesday last week, and I said as soon as he was done we are gone...Well I am still here waiting to go on holidays...So once he was done I turned to my trusty computer to find a place to go.  We were deciding between Eureka Montana (all the neighbors are going there) or Silverwood Theme Park (Coeur d'Alene).  So we kind-of decided to go to Montana, so I started looking for cabins to rent as we do not have a holiday trailer.  Then my hubby's brother said that we could borrow his - so the Mad Woman came out in me again - as this was Friday that we decided to borrow the trailer... I made my list and started on that, then I went on to Kijiji to find a holiday trailer as my hubby really did not want to borrow, and I have been wanting a holiday trailer forever but started looking for the last 4 years off and on.  But this was different and I just wanted one so bad.  But then Hubby really did not want one and thought that we should borrow the trailer just to test the waters and see how it goes.  The last time that we went camping it was 15 years ago - So this is a big step for us.  So I found some trailers and I asked my MIL to come with me to look as I really don't know what to ask etc.  Then on Friday night I told her that we were not going as Dale just does not want one and the we will start to look in February...  Saturday morning 8:15 am I get a call from my MIL saying that my FIL was on Kijiji and found a trailer that he wants to look at so they wanted me to come along with them.  It was in Calgary and the guy had an appointment at 10:15 so we had to be there by 9:15 at the latest and that there was another viewing at 6 - So we go there and looked and looked, they asked the questions, I looked at the storage and all that jazz.  We left and came home, I spoke with my hubby about it and such, then I told him to talk to his dad, as he knew more about the trailer then I did.  My FIL was so darn excited about as it is a great little unit for dry camping and for when we go to Rocky.  Well half hour later Hubby finally said yes to the holiday trailer - I am doing the Happy DANCE!!!  So a different Mad Woman has come out as we are not borrowing a trailer that has everything in it but our clothes - we have a trailer now that has NOTHING in it... So off to Wally World (wal-mart) we go, 2 hours later we have the essentials minus the pots and pans...Now starts the stacking check lists and ensuring that I have everything to load into the trailer.  And on top of it all, we were suppose to leave today, but now my Hubby is not leaving until we have the trailer and it is re-cleaned and packed for the trip.  His words "I just bought a trailer, I am not borrowing one" which is a good point... So now my kitchen table is covered with the things that you need to have in a trailer before you can just put the clothes in.  Oh we don't have the trailer yet, we are to pick it up tonight   So I will be cleaning it tonight and packing the trailer so that we can pull out after my doctors appointment tomorrow...   I don't have any pictures yet, but as soon as I get it and take some I will post and of course our holiday where it is currently 36 celuse- not sure what that is in the USA But that is really hot here for us Albertans.

Till Next Time



You are one busy lady!!!! I have a ton of cardstock too that I think I will donate to a school nearby. I hope you had a fabulous vacation. Look forward to seeing you at club next week.

Alberta Gal, Shauna

The last time I cleaned my office I did just that... I don't know how this happened again...I think the cardstock reporduced while I was not watching...


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