Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding Day

In July of 2010 My good friends' daughter got engaged.  This is the first wedding in the group so there was a lot of excitement and everything else that goes along with a new beginning.  Their date was set and then the planning really began.  It was set for August 20, 2011 - In our area you can never really rely on the weather so an outside wedding was out just due to the climate (not saying it has not been done before).  The location - Little White Church (not the real name of the church) that has been there for many a moon (1919) and the only church in the area - unless you go into town.  Reception at the local town hall - it has Air Conditioning if the weather is hot...So we have the Bride, Groom, Church, Guests and Reception etc.  All is set for this day.

For me, it was with great anticipation for the big day, as I knew her since she was 6 years old and now she is a beautiful young lady starting a new adventure in her life.  I was so excited to see her get married, our house was jumping with excitement... Ok just me and my Son, hubby was stacking bails and such - much to do before the Snow falls.  The day started with my son constantly asking if it was time, well the wedding started at 2pm.  I finally sent him on his way with Papa for a little bit while I did somethings around the house (Sewing trying to finish Hickory Hills) and got somethings packed in the holiday trailer-sleepover in town.
I could not have made this day go any slower if I would have wished for it myself...But it was finally time to head over to the Church for the BIG day that we all have been waiting for, for just over a year.

Now for the Pictures.
Bride and Father of the Bride

Newly Weds!!

Father and Mother of the Bride - My good Friends
So that was the ceremony... As I watched her come into the Church to make her way to the waiting Groom I could not help myself to get a little teary eyed.  She was so amazingly beautiful (not that she isn't anyways), and she had such an amazing glow about her I was so speechless.
Well when the reception came, and went and only 2 photos - that were not that good so I guess I will have to get those from somewhere else...I am actually kicking myself for not taking more but I guess next wedding (June 2012).

The newly weds are on their way to a little cabin in the back woods for a couple of days just for them.

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cute couple

Alberta Gal, Shauna

thanks, I was a very happy friend when this day finally came.

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