Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Roy Did It!

I am one very proud momma… My little man did it at 4 years he got himself all dressed to ride a sheep!

Just before going into the Arena
There was a call to me before he the ride of him telling me that he did not want to ride the sheep and that he was scared.  I asked why he was scared and he just told me that he was scared.  But my hubby and a few others got him pumped up and such and he got out there and rode for a second or two but he still did…

Later my hubby told me that he was scared of clowns and he wanted his daddy to get him off the sheep…So he did or tried.  My hubby also told him that he can go ride the mechanical bull after his sheep ride (he did this last year and loved it). 

Now when you ask him are you going to do it again – YES I am.  He is so very proud and excited about it.

In Arena - Just about to Ride - Roy and Daddy
So I have a SONY Camcorder… Well it is not working at all, I was on the e-support for abut 2 hours trying to figure out how to get my videos that I have taken onto my computer…After all that I went to where I have all my computer programs etc. and found the discs that came with the camcorder... Well by 7pm last night I still could not get this on my computer.  So now I have to finalize the DVD and put it into my computer and do it that way, which is not great at all.
Yesterday - was a total write off - I should have been sick or something...I got up and ready, went to Calgary (45 minutes away) to the Sony store to get all I need to be able to this on my computer so that I can share this with you all...  Got home and then spent the rest of the day trying to edit and publish and all that stuff.  By 8pm I had it done and ready for adding to this.

I have also been trying to edit my video that took of Roy riding in Windows Live Movie Maker - what a joke that is...I went on line and found VideoPad Movie Maker (thank you) had the video edited in about 5 minutes...

Before you watch ***warned this is amaturer video taking and not the greatest... I am going to start practicing so it won't be so shaky for next year.

***with it being haying season, I would like to ask all the farmers/ranchers to take your time, shut your machinery off before doing anything to the baler (I know you have a million things on your mind), Holidays/Cows and whatever else is on your mind will still be there when you are done.  Just PLEASE make it home each and every night to the people who you love and love you***

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