Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sad, Devastated, Utterly in MORNING

My story of a lose - of all my pictures

back in July-My computer was being REALLY slow so I though that I would take it in to get some more Gig and an external hard drive - Well when I dropped it off they informed me that I have been hit with a virus and that is why my PC was working so slow... So not being a computer person, I trusted them with my computer...They moved everything on my computer to this external hard drive....So I picked it up - and had to bring it back 3 times as things were not right.  I finally have a computer - brand new clean slate...  Everything that I have and hold dear to is on my external hard drive... Well I moved my CM stuff pack on to my PC and only 2010 - PICTURES so that I can work on my current projects.
A while ago my girlfriend had somewhat of the same issue with her PC and just about lost all of her photos - are boys are 2 weeks apart so I really felt for her and what she was going through as an Photographer/Scrapbooker and Memory Keeper of all sorts.  So her advise to me was save everything on disc etc... Did I take this advise.... NO!! I just thought that I was untouchable as I had NORTON!!! I am not sure if she did as I never asked but I am sure she did...
Back in August I was over at a friends house helping her with re Wedding Invitations and Save The Date etc.  I had my External Hard Drive and everything went off with out a hitch...  On Sunday I went to use my EHD as I had to do books and other things for the farm for it to ask if I wanted it to be formatted... Has anyone heard of this?  I know I have never.  I did not deal with it as I really thought it was a quick fix and then it will be done, as I have a lot of things on my plate and I really did not need anything off the EHD right away.  My hubby, then informed me earlier this week that he is going to be bring the cows home, which means to me I need all my calving records and such so that we have everything done and printed (Age Verification - Calf Birth Certificate) that is the only way you can sell your calves her in Alberta well - get a better price etc.  So yesterday I had DR appointment and on the way home I just dropped of my EHD at the place where I got it from as they are the only one in Airdrie that Guarantee their work....
After doing some work, then I started cleaning my office/spare room - I got the call from COVE COMPUTERS - the guy then told me that I had a virus on my EHD and there is nothing he could and everything is gone.  I was shocked as that is why I got this EHD...  So I sat here in totally shock wondering what am I going to do as I needed my Hubby's invoices and the calving stuff...  So I will be re-creating my Hubby's invoices and my Mother-in-Law has the 2010 calving records so I don't have to spend 2 days redoing that.  Easy fixes not to much, as I transferred all my CM stuff back on to my PC remember...  COVE COMPUTERS - DOES NOT IN FACT GUARANTEE THEIR WORK  - well maybe a little they did not charge me yet again to look into this - I AM NEVER AGAIN GOING BACK TO THIS PLACE AND I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IF YOU ARE IN THE AIRDRIE AREA THAT YOU DO NOT EITHER.  I have a few calls out to my friends to see how they use and it is coming up with AIRDRIE COMPUTERS-seems to be the answer.
Then at supper it HIT me like a block of brick - I only have 2010 photos....  I have lost all my photos.... All of Roy's baby photos, 2007, 2008, 2009 - stomach turning ready to get sick...What am I going to do....
Then I got thinking....I am a digital scrapbooker...I have scrapbooked all my photos, so I don't have hard copies but I do have my albums...Roy's first year I did Traditional and I also did a different one Digital so that is complete and I have all the other ones digital all too, I just have to order them.  My heart can feel a little better....
So if you are like me and have your pictures in ONE location.... You should have them in another.... I have an online account at Creative Memories where I order my photos from and my albums here is the link to this so that you can create your own account so hopefully this will never happen to you too.  This like is only for Canada and the US  I am not sure for international, if you are international would like to know more about this send me a comment and I will look into this further for you.



Oh, I can sooooo relate. I'm soooooooooo sorry you had to experience crap like this. It's bad enough to have a technology glitch, but then to have a place/people you TRUST go in & muck it up even worse, then go blame it on a virus...oh, that sucks like a vacuum! I shared many months of struggles with Vista with everyone I could find and all it did was get me lots of sympathetic nods. I'm glad you are able to recreate the most important pieces, but I'll add my two cents - back it all up....somewhere ELSE. Good luck in recovery!!

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