Friday, October 8, 2010

What CRAZY week

I feel as though I have forgotten all bout my BLOG... Have you missed me....I sure have missed you.  Well my week has been one that I would really like to forget and put it away and never come back.  I have gone shopping and picked up more CRAFT books as Christmas is coming and I really can't wait to start the Christmas season and buy/making the gifts.  I have 2 gifts down that Roy has gotten for people - so only a few more...  I am thinking this year that I am going to have a spa day again at my house.  I have not done this is such a long time, that I think it is time to do it again.  Interested in doing one with your girls here is how
  • Pick the location - I do it at my place more personal
  • Make a guess list - if you are doing this at home you will have to select - yes some people will be left out but you know your home can only fit some many
  • With each guess - they have to bring something to help with the day - so the money burden is not solely on you
  • Pick the events that you want at your spa day IE - pedicures, manicures, facials think low key - you don't want to be stressed
  • You will have to make up little cards for each station to let your guests know what is to happen
  • Send out invitations to this - when doing this also ask them to be ring the following item IE nail polish, and files, next person or few Big Bowls to soak feet - this is a good one for those CAMPERS as they usually have something, ALL Ladies need to bring their own towels, face cloths etc.
  • Don't forget to ask a guess to bring Tea, fruit patter, - you know the little munchies, as we are women and we do like to munch.
  • Setting the rooms where each treatment will be held - this is a group fun, you have one room for pedicures with 5 girls, one room for manicures 5 girls, etc.  How ever many you invite divide the number between the events and that is how many girls per treatment
  • Make little gift bags for your guest
  • Setting the feel, decorate your location like a spa, but some of the relaxing music on, make sure that there are no interruptions.... Hubby, kids etc, this is a day for you and your girls.
  • finally enjoy the day, have fun and make sure you laugh - remember STRESS FREE
well writing this has made me feel so much better and I can't wait to plan this...


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