Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lost & Found

 Today I was cleaning out my craft/spare room... I am hoping that I can keep it clean...  in the process of cleaning I found some long lost items.
Embroidery Pillowcases
The embroidery pillowcases are projects that I started when I was a wee little girl.  The sheep and one of the butterflies I still need to finish but the other butterfly is good to go... I don't even have the pattern of what colours I was using so this is going to be a challenge to finish.  So back to the back burn it goes again...

Tree Skirt
 The tree skirt was on of those projects that I made when I as off on Maternity Leave.  It is completed but I made mistakes as it not perfect at all but it is done and able to be used, I just have to get it quilted... I have the back and batting.  I love finding these kind of projects, that are done and need to be sent away for quilting.... But with having just a tight budget, this one I might try my hand at...

I have been cleaning the Spare Room and some what of the house...  I have sent out 5 bags of garage and 1 Expedition loaded to good will and I am not even done...  I really can't wait for my sister to come tomorrow for turkey and help me with the room as it needs and organizers touch now.  As I have done what I can.


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