Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a weekend!

My weekend started with me being really sick and unable to go to work :( wondering how much work I missed...  They yesterday, I had a migraine... the weather must be changing here... I think winter is a comin'.  Today was house work and quilting as my group (Girls Gang) meets on Wednesday and I am behind as I started the group in June and it actually started in February...  I am all caught up on my Gone to Texas - WOW - it took a lot out of me...  I finally got the triangles down but wow what work.  I am really not caught up - I am just 1 month behind but I really can't do much about that...  At least I am not 7 months behind anymore.  I missed going to the August Girls Gang as I was in Toronto for meeting, so I still have to pick that up and start working on it...  I am really not like it but maybe it will be different once it is all put together.  I just remembered I was in there when I was on holidays and picked it up... So I guess tomorrow I start cutting the pieces needed and then sew it on Tuesday after work.  Well now that the laundry is done, folded and put away, my sewing is done for the night, and my head still hurts from my migraine from yesterday, I guess it is time to get my little one off to be as we both have to get up tomorrow for the start of the new week.


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