Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

Wow what a year  2012 has been for me...  This year I keep saying that things are going to be different, I hope and pray for this.

New Year's came and went with great friends and all that good stuff.

What are your resolutions for 2012?
  • I really want to find a pattern and finish my Red & White Quilt
  • Learn to hand quilt
  • Go to school and get a Bookkeeper/Payroll Certificate
  • De-clutter my office/scrapbook/sewing room
  • Live Laugh Love with Friends and Family
So Now on to 2012 - wow that even fills weird typing.  With ringing in  the new year we also started Calving 4 months early!!!  My hubby bought some cows at a sale at the beginning of this month.  They were in calf, not sure when they would be calving.  So Yesterday I was out doing the grain chores and long and behold we were having our first calf of the new year.  8 more to calve and the rest in April...Might have to have a mini branding in April for these big ones.

Our first Calf with her mom

My chore partner - sometimes he thinks that he can drive

Well that is all that there is to say today, or life is getting some normality back into it and School will be starting here shortly.  My son I think is looking forward to school and seeing his little friends again.



Chocolate Cat

Great new years resolutions! Good luck with them. How cute the baby calf is!


Good Luck with your New Year resolutions! Calves are just so adorable.


Hope 2012 brings you much happiness.


Happy New Years!!! Can't believe you have a calf on the ground already!


I found your blog off kathy's small quilts yahoo groups. It looks like we have quite a bit in common. I too am a ranchers wife, if only those last 15 head would calf we would be finished with that part of the year. I too am working on red and white quilts and also red and cream. I collected and collected for one particular quilt and got a bit carried away. I am now working on my second in the exact same left over fabrics which will also be a queen size with no borders. I still have enough fabric left over for an additional queen size quilt, if not two. Then I am leaning towards red and white for my Dear Jane Quilt, which I have not yet started. I hand pc and quilt as wells as by machine and just can't decide which method I will be using for my dear jane quilt.
Book keeper I am not, when ever anyone asks me how many cows we run I do not hesitate to tell them that it is not my job to count.
Most of the branding is done here with about 30 head that were not old enough or are yet to arrive. Always those late ones you have to play catch up on. Over all good calving season w/ 7 sets of twins.
Dry here in Montana so time to get the irragating started....good ol mother nature.
Anyway, it was nice to find your blog and find we have a few things in common. Great day, Carol Jo

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