Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Next

I am not sure what is going to happen around here anymore.  It started on Boxing Day... I went to do a load of laundry and long and behold my dryer stopped working.  So in the below 0 temperatures I hung the blanket over the deck railing in the sun in hopes that it would dry-nope not all the way.  So later that day I took it up to my mother-in-laws and used her dryer & washer I spun it twice and she did it once too, then I stuck it into the dryer.  By the time that we left the blanket was dry- YES I had something for my bed that night.  Last year my Hubby wanted to get a new washer as he was determined that either I did not know how to wash clothes or there was something wrong with the washer machine.  I talked him out of it, in my stubbornness.

On December 27, I called a fix-it man thanks to a friend that suggested it - I was totally thinking new dryer and washer and my hubby was right that the washer was not working right.  Mr. Appliance came and looked at the dryer - $15 for the piece and what ever for the call.  While here I asked him to look at the washer - ok hubby was right last year - washer broken - transmission and some parts the run the agitator - Mr.Appliance said it is worth the fix as these are top of the line appliances and seeing how they are still in this condition.  So we decided that we would fix it $350 later I have my washer actually cleaning the clothes and the dryer actually drying my clothes.

On December 28, My truck needed new rear breaks - well another expense - EXPENSIVE expense

Last night I went and turned on the TV and there was nothing just a black screen and sound.....Oh am I in trouble now...So I thought that maybe it was the cable cord from the TV to the satellite dish receiver.  Nope that was not the issue after I went into town and got a new cord.  Then I was on the phone with the satellite provided trying to trouble shot the problem - they said that it was the received...Now my Hubby is in town so I sent him to the store to pick up a new receiver and hopefully we will have a TV again.  He brought it home I went and hooked it all up in hopes that it would magically work... NOPE it did not.  I am sick to my stomach as I have just cost us a lot of money in 3 days.  Now why was I not thinking... HELLO no picture does that not usually mean - TV has reached its life?  So now we are looking for a new TV and the one that quit is only 2 yrs old - I guess that is what you get for buying a special and a brand that I have not hear of, that deal was so good to pass up tho.

Thank goodness for the Internet, because it is boxing week and there are a lot of sales you have to do your research...Sears right now does not have very good deals, Brick none (where we bought the one that is broken), Wal-Mart ok deals welcome to VISIONS what deals to be had.  So I have an appointment in town and the family will be coming with me - well to drop me off and then go shopping for a TV.  I honestly can live without this TV but for hubby there has to be a TV - what is it with men and TVs or TVs in the bedrooms.

I am starting to not want to touch anything else around here for fear that I might break that too.  Well all I can say is least no one is hurt or anything like that, and it is boxing week.  Bad thing it is just after Christmas when money is a little tight.  Hopefully nothing will break now as that is 3 - and bad things always happen in 3's. 

Wishing you all a GREAT New Year's and all the best in 2012

Till Next Time,



Oo I know what you are going through!! We had the same thing!! First the battery of the car died, than my ( prof) mixer , after that my sausage stuffer and than I got the flu, but everything is ok .. now.. more or less..

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