Sunday, March 13, 2011

What a WEEK!!

Work is in full swing - year end is fast approaching and the Sales Team is busy planning for our next fiscal and my job is crazy busy....A full week and a 1/2 day on Saturday, I feel a little better going into the office on Monday.  My accounts are finally starting to come down for where they were 2 weeks ago so by the end of this month my accounts should be in great standings - fingers crossed.

On Saturday, we went to a Surprise 40th for a friend,  it was fun with tones of food and great conversations.

Today.... Well we turned our clocks ahead so we in Canada (minus Saskatchewan) lost 1 hour for our spring ahead.  So up and eager to get to work on something in this house... I tackled Roy's room.  Well we (hubby and I) moved his bed and dresser and such in hopes of him sleeping in his room tonight and not on the couch...  Now, we just need to organize his toys - that is a whole other story...So for the remainder of the day it is TOYS and TOYS and TOYS - This year am I going to request that my family don't buy toys for him, as he has way to much, if they want to buy toys, they can buy them and give them to charity as there are children out there that don't get toys and would probably love them.

On Wednesday, it is my Girls Gang Club get together and I am so excited about this, just to see what our next task is to our year long Quilt - A - Long.

On Friday, we are taking my Dad out for supper for his 60th Birthday.   I am looking forward to this as I get to see my Sister and her Hubby...

Well have a great week and I will check in with you later.



Such a good idea! There are lots of kids in need of toys.

I spoil my parents dog rotten with toys every time I visit!

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