Friday, October 15, 2010

Roy being CREATIVE

I think around January, Roy decided that it would be good to redo my spare room with a Sharpie Marker, Not only did he do the wall, he did some of my Heritage stuff as well, my trunk from my grandparents, a bookcase that my father made for Roy and then some other office stuff as well as himself...

Roy's Artwork

Roy paint himself too
 So today, I went to town and got the paint that I picked for doing the room as it matched as quilt that I am working on that only needs me to do one more sew before I send it to the Lorna at Connecting Quilts.  Once this is done, this will be in the mail and off to get quilted...  With this being the finishing touch of my Spare Room I thought that it would be fitting to get this finally done so that I can have a complete room.  I am sending this to Lorna as I was a winner on a blog - but I don't have anyone here to quilt to the quilt so I might as well give her a try as the prices seem very reasonable, but the only thing is shipping...  But whatever, if I like her work well I guess she will have my business for some time to come.

Roy helping paint over what he painted in Sharpie

Roy done painting

Finished Wall

Tomorrow Roy & I will be maybe tacking the rest of room as it is a different colour and more things need to be moved besides a trunk and futon.


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