Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome Old & New to my new blog

I hope that you were able to find me again...I have made some changes to this blog and yet, I am still not happy with the name.  As there are some really cool names out there but I guess this one will have to do.  It really does sum me up in a nut shell though - Hobbies With a Little Bite of Life - I love my hobbies if it were not for them I think that I would just go NUTS, a little bite - well I love to eat, and when I get to, I really love to cook, but I just don't have the time...And of course life, there will be some entries of my life on the ranch, my son whom is 3.5 and will be starting preschool tomorrow - wow where did the time go and a few mentions of my husband of 5 years who works the ranch while I go to the city to work - the place where the money actually comes from as most of you know farm/ranching does not pay what it used to.
A little snap shot of the City where I work
Well I am really not sure where to begin with this.  I have a lot that I love and a lot that I like and a few that I just don't do anymore.  First off I started my hobby life when I was just a wee little girl, you know to try and keep myself busy or I would quickly find myself in a heap of trouble.  So one time when my Grandma & Grandpa came to town to visit I asked her to teach me how to Crochet - she did and I produced a lot of blankies for those dolls that I really did not like to play with - as I liked playing with the boy toys - can you say tomboy???  After that came my Embroidering, well that last about 6 months as it did not keep me busy enough and the project just seemed to take forever - never completing one...After that I wanted my mom to teach me something so that was Knitting.  I did not do too many projects as that was TOO time consuming, but I did manager to make myself a sweater - which I even wore to school a few times. Then along came the world of Cross Stitch - again that did not last that long but I did make a picture for my sister and gave it to her and everything - have not really picked it up since.  Meanwhile, I am still crocheting projects on top of learning new things.  At this time my girlfriend made me this really cute Quilt for Christmas with a pillow.  I just had to know how she made it, so off to the local craft store I went with her and we got some fabric and then back to her place for the lesson.  I produced a lot of those quilts and then again it stopped...
Around the same time that I was being taught how to Quilt I meet my husband, so naturally my hobby life got put on hold but only for a little while.  We met in 1994 and have been together ever since, we eventually got married in 2005 and then a long came our son in 2007.  With all of that, in the beginning I would help my Husband on the ranch - feeding the cattle and horses etc., in the winter I would be the gate swinger - BRRRRR - and then in the spring I would stay up and check cows with him.  That was then, now I swing the gates in the winter - only if I am home from work (weekends & snow storms), I check the heifers in the morning on my way to work and call him if anything is calving and instead of helping him feed - I do the paper work for the Purebred Black Angus Cattle that we have - Registering them includes CCIA, Naming te Heifers we keep and ensuring everything is in order.  Adding a child to the mix has just made my home work just a little more then I can handle some days.  My 3 year old can be quite a handful most days and always wanting to ride his horse - but I don't know how to saddle a horse so I get out of that, but not the laundry, cooking and cleaning -The day to day Life factor-
When I started dating my husband, I also started being a consultant for a new company called "Creative Memories" which is a scrapbooking company that I LOVE and have such great products.  But back then you had to have a lot of the products on hand as the shipping took forever to get to me so that adventure did not last - a year I think.  But when I had my son, I did start to sell this product again - I have been scrapbooking for well over 15 years and Love it.  Creative Memories has the best product out there, I am convinced as before I knew of this company I did go else where and nothing compared so I sucked it up and paid the price and guess what - I still have the first tools that I ever bought from them and they are still working as if they were brand new.  They have come out with Digital Scrapbooking and I LOVE that, I eventhink a little more as it is so easy especially for a busy person like me.
Now back to TODAY -
After the arrival of my son and having a year mat leave, I went back to being a Creative Memories Consultant and then my girlfriend opened up a quilt shop... Well what can I say I fell in love and hard.  The shop was open in August my mat leave was done in February and I really wanted to learn about Quilt Making and hopefully make some Heirlooms myself.  So from August (when the doors open) to Christmas Eve I made Quilts and took quilt classes I was a busy busy mommy, and all completed while my son was sleeping - oh the days that he slept - I started with my son's quilt I did not take a class for this one, just purchased a beginners quilting book - which I still go back to when I have a question - after that I took a class 9 patch - this would be my VERY first quilt that I made from beginning to end that included the quilting of it too.  Which became my Mom's Christmas present well all the quilts (tops) that I made became Christmas Presents with the exception of one - as I did not complete it and it is still exactly where I put it....So I made 5 quilts in 5 months, I sent them out to actually be quilted but I did the tops and binding of them all with the exception of my husbands - the store did the binding for me as it was a surprise.  Just little insight, these are regular size quilts - My son's is made for a child, my moms is a lap, my husbands is a queen, but used on the couch, my sister is a little bigger then a lap and mine is a lap.  So I have not scrapbook in a while and I am missing it so, but that will have to be a weekend getaway to do.  I am still quilting and have join a quilting group that meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month.  Oh did I tell you I pickle as well...  Last weekend my and some girlfriends go together and pickled Cucs, Carrot and Beans and then made some Jelly too.

I hope you enjoy reading about my hobbies with a little bite of life.  I look forward to entertaining you and keeping you smiling but of course there might be some sad moments as well.


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