Friday, September 17, 2010


Last week I was in town looking for DMC floss for my Raggedy and Friends and I stopped at a local quilt shop to see if they had any muslin for the stitchery.  They were sold out as well...  I don't think that anyone sells this or they just can't keep this in stock as every where I go they are sold out.  But I did find some buttons for the eyes for Andy and Annie but then I was taking with a lady and she did say if you are making a baby quilt do you really want to have buttons on it... Well no I thought as that can be a chocking hazard and I would not want to have that on my conscience.  And they just got the new Jo fabric in - Spice Chest - I got a fat quarter in all the fabric as well as 2m in the back which I will have to go and get some more as I finally have decided what I am going to use it for and I don't want to be short when I get done.
Spice Chest
Backing Fabric - Spice Chest
Now is this not the best ever...  I really can't wait to get this on the back of the quilt, but I guess first I have to make the quilt.  I am just so excited about this fabric that I really can't wait.  But my husband is getting a little upset, about all the time that I am spending quilting and I have yet to show anything other then bits and pieces nothing done.  But by Novermber or December I will have my Gone to Texas done and hopefully have it quilted in time for Christmas.

Sweet Dreams of this FABRIC


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