Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where has the time GONE!

This last month has been stupid crazy.  We ended May with 4-H on parade which my son just loves going every year.  Then June was here and our Branding came and went with no major hiccups.  Then we got our cows all moved to pasture and finally got the bulls out with them.  I have been attached to my Hubby's hip lately and I am not sure that he is really enjoying it all that much.  We have gone and put the bulls out and then the other day we made a day trip to deliver a bull that we sold and went to Claresholm to see his horse that is at horse school.  The next day started at 7:30 am with a phone call that our cows are out in the neighbours crop OOPPPPS!!!!!!!!!!  We got the fence fixed and the cows out with the help of the neighbour.  I am glad that they were there as it would have taken hubby and I a long time with their help we were out in under 1 hour, which was great 3 guys working on one fence makes the time go by fast.  Then we went and spent the remaining of the day was checking the cows and salting them.

With all the hip attachment going on, my yard and house are falling to the waist side, but today is the day that I am going to try and get everything organized and put back in place.  As I am leaving for a few days of holidays will my hubby stays and looks after things.

Now for some other news about what is going on in Blog Land - my good friend over at QUILT I.T. is celebrating her 1 year anniversary and has some goodies that she is giving away to celebrate.  here is the link to her site

I hope that you all have an amazing weekend as it is the long weekend here to celebrate CANADA DAY and a few of my friends are going to the states to celebrate both.  So where every this weekend finds you I hope that you have a safe and wonderful time.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

4-H on Parade

At the end of May our 4-H club (Irricana Beef & Multi Club) goes in to Calgary to sell their projects.  Roy just loves going down there and spending time with the animals.  Here are a few pictures of our day at the Stampede Grounds prior to the boys & girls selling their projects.  Yes this is a very hard day for the kids and some of the parents as well but you know they come back for another year of this.  The money that the get from selling their projects go towards paying the bills for purchasing, feeding their projects and usually the remainder goes into the bank for school down the road.

Here is a new steer that we purchased for Steer Classic which is during the Calgary Stampede - his name is Mic Blue and we purchased him from Maddy Sibbald

Monday, June 6, 2011

I am still wondering what in the heck happened to May!!!  I have been keeping myself rather busy with these last couple of weeks.  Roy finished his first year of Preschool with a carnival that we put on for the kids that completed a successful year.  Roy due to his age will be going back into preschool in September.
Roy - getting his certificate for finishing a year of preschool

Getting his face painted

My cheetah
Well school is done that is all that I can say, now we have to finish so lets get to playing.