Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Have I Been Up To

Oh how my life can get crazy is a hurry.

Halloween has come and gone, with the candy being gone I think in record time.  With hubby still in a cast it really lets you know what a relationship is made of that is for sure.

First of, the day of Halloween we weaned our calves and loaded them on the liners to take to the market.  The next morning Hubby, Roy and me all got ready and headed to the auction to watch our calves sale, this is a new family tradition since Roy was born.  Well this year I was finally not the only lady there with that made it so easy as my friend also brought her son whom is older then Roy but still plays and let's him hang around.

Then we had Roy's school photos which were quite interesting that is for sure.  But I can't wait to see his face.  As well I am also the school's scrapbooker so I really can't wait as I have started working on it with the Halloween I really can't wait to see what the parents say about it.

Next, I was approached by the preschool teacher to head up the Christmas Concert... Well that is not a little task but I took it on, I just keep saying "not for me but for my child" As I do quilting and curling for me.  So I have been working like a little be thinking and the making and figuring.  I have called in a few other mom's for assistance, our name - Santa's Little Helpers.

This has all been happening still while my Hubby has been in his cast - still non weight bearing - which means I am still nurse, made, EVERY thing.  It is wearing on me to say the least, but good news, we went to the Cast clinic on Friday and the cast is off Whoo Hoo.  But he got an air cast for the next month - but he can walk etc on it... But while in the house he does not have to wear it.  Hubby is getting EXTREMELY antsy.  Today he just said that tomorrow he is going to try and do chores, which will be nice for him to get back into the tractor, not so good for me, this means that I have to swing gates for him, our currently weather is -20 BRrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Hubby is still not all that happy as the Doctor won't let him ride for another 6 weeks.  Well that is OK as our weather is not nice for riding.

Now for some important blog stuff - SSCS - I have finished mine along time ago and just waiting for the 19 to come around to get it in the post...  Well, last minute I decided that I did not like my ornament that I made so I remade it and I actually like it so much better.  Now I am on the hunt for a box that will fit all gift to send to my new friend.

Till Next Time,


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