Saturday, November 5, 2011

Camping-Never too late to post

So at the end of August we went up to Rocky Mountain House for a friends Birthday and to help pull the Bulls - well hubby and Roy helped pull the bulls and I was just there for the party hehehe.  It has been a long time since I was last up to Rocky - Roy was about 6 months old.

There was a lot of riding -which my hubby did not bring my horse (very well broke) so I did not feel comfortable to ride someone else horse.  The boys were fishing and the big boys went for a drive to the other place to check things out, while the girls went for a ride.  Which left me, Roy and Uncle and a friend back at camp.

The Girls were great with Roy they would lead him around the campsite on a horse named Peaches.  He really enjoyed himself on the horse, at the campfire and just being there.

Girls with Roy on Peaches
The mornings came early at my trailer, with a hubby that could not sleep and a son that woke up at the first light.  Thank goodness to Generators - we brought ours just so that I could have Coffee in the morning and just in case our trailer batter went dead.  It was just so peaceful in the morning having coffee and stitching away on my Raggedy and Friends (yes, I am still working on that).  Uncle was up early too as he had to run his Border Collies and such and make sure the horses were fine and such - as I am not that horses so I just try and stay clear, but will pet and such and occasionally get on one... But not this trip

Uncle Teaching Roy to Golf - Early Morning
Roy & Uncle going for a ride

The Group going for a Ride - minus the Fishers and Travelers
Well this might have been my last trip of the season and it was a good one.

Till next time,



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