Thursday, September 23, 2010

Triple Irish Chain

Like I have nothing better to do then to QUILT!  Who invented this craft anyways?  As I really think that there should be a AA Meeting for Quilters.... I would be there every week just to pick up new ideas a trick of the trade...

I am so glad that Fall is here and Winter will be coming so that I can cuddle up with my quilts.  Mind you my hubby sure does not like the idea of me sewing from dawn to dusk every weekend but then you have to when you have full time job, just to get the projects done.
So back in June when I started on the Gone to Texas quilt, I was looking through the book and found this quilt that I thought would be a nice keepsake baby quilt for a friend of the family that is having a baby any day now.

So I read the instructions, got the material, came home and started cutting my strips as per the instructions then i started piecing them together and to my demise, the squares started to fall apart.  I could not figure out what I was doing wrong...

This Month when I went to the club they going to be a quilt kind of what I was doing but different of course and the Lady that made the quilt said that she sewed each square together one at a time.  Wow that gave me a great idea.  Off to home I went deciding that I am not going to give up on this quilt I am going to push my way through...

I started all over again, but this time I cut each square to the size and sewed them all individually.  And guess what - there were no issues.
Triple Irish Chain - 17 Blocks to make
I had to make 17 of these squares... Well and as you can imagine, me sitting at my kitchen table sewing and cutting and my son sleeping on the couch (naps), out with Papa or Daddy or just outside, and Storm at my feet.  I was going crazy making these squares.  Then on Sunday I ran out of the White (Cream) and had to make a quick stop on Monday (during lunch) to the local shop - Traditional Pastimes - and got myself some more white - way more then I needed but everyone needs light in their collection.

I finished all my blocks and started piecing them into the rows that make the quilt what it is - Beautiful...  Well then my needle broke, replaced then it broke again - ok I am done no more needles...

Yesterday, I ran into town to get grocery's and of course sewing needles...  More going to town for sewing needles then anything as I really want to get this quilt completed and quilted and sent for the baby.

Last night while Roy was with Papa and Hubby was moving cows etc, off to sewing I was a going.  Determined to get this quilt completed....
Triple Irish Chain - Together
I am quite pleased at the end project.  So now off to measuring and adding the 3 rows of border to finish this quilt right.

Border 1
So I got one border on - the most difficult - all together and still holding, but will double check before I go to quilt it - well get it customed quilted.  By the time that I called it a night the second border was on.  No picture as I went to bed...

So I can't wait to get home tonight and finish adding the last border and getting this off to the quilters so that I can have it all finished.


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