Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spring Cleaning

So this week I have been doing my spring cleaning - yes I know that it is just about August...  I have totally turned my room upside down and through a bunch out - I really need one of those blue bins they deliver and pick up you know the ones that you can throw whatever you want in there and it is gone...  I have been thinking of finishing my jewelry holder (necklaces, bracelets and earrings) it is a hexagon (not even started actually) then I was trying to clean my son's room (which is a total waste of time) and I found a memory keepsake thing the ones that you put pictures in and I thought that it would be a great fill in until I make mine.  Yesterday, I went on the hunt for push pins that look like staples - do you know what I am talking about?  So I could not find these imagine that... So I had to settle for actual push pins...  I got home to hang this up so that I can put my jewelry away as my jewelry boxes are not big enough to hold all my stuff.  Well then I was on the hunt for my hammer - my hubby borrowed it and did not put it back where it should be...  Well this morning it is still missing.

So with cleaning everything this last week I have gotten more laundry to do then I wanted - should have picked up more detergent when I was in town yesterday...  And the fitted sheets who likes or even knows how to fold them...  Well I went on the Internet and found this HOW TO FOLD A FITTED SHEET and I tried I even took old sheets out of my closet to practice... Well I am hoping that I will become a pro like this lady.  They don't even look like this but they lay somewhat flat so that is great!

So today is my son's big debut at the Rodeo-I have all the camcorders, cameras etc charged and ready to go.  He will be riding a sheep just in case you were wondering... I really can't wait to see if
1. actually rides
2. how far he goes
3. how he is afterwards... 
He has this big vision of riding a bull or bucking horse when he gets older (14 years is when he can start) but I keep telling him he will be too tall and he should try Bull Dogging (Steer Wrestling) or Calf Roping, fingers crossed that if he wants to do the rodeo that this is what he will decided to do.  I am not really sure who is more excited about this me, him or my sister.  Today, his whole family (and lots of friends) will be there to watch him ride the sheep with the exception of my dad who is driving his old car from home to Saskatoon to home and should be home tonight sometime-it is some country cruise thing that they do every year.

I will be posting about the ride as soon as I figure out how to get the disc from the camcorder to my computer etc.  I only had this thing since Roy was born and still never figure that part out...

As Always,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Fav. little Aussie Quilt Shop

Awhile ago I found this little shop called Hatched and Patched.  This was when I was looking for the Anni Downs book – Gardener’s Journal – for those wondering, I have not done anything other then have the fabric cut for this.  And I have signed up for emails etc.  Well I have become quite the little shopper over seas I must say.  My first purchase was a few little things, I had the greatest intentions to create these projects but as everything else, they are in the drawer of unfinished projects see (this post).  So a few months ago I got an email – in March/April I think that it was and I saw the cutest little sewing kit that I ever did see.  Seeing how it was close to my birthday I thought what the heck, lets get the full meal deal – the kit, the fabric everything, I did not want to go shopping for anything for this project, as I really wanted one so bad and this was oh so cute…

Well needless to say it is now the end of July and I still have not made this!!   I would really like to kick myself in the ass and hard.  I am hoping that I have this done for Christmas as a little treat to myself under the Christmas tree, something special that is handmade.  Please keep you fingers crossed that I actually get this done in plenty of time to get it under the tree!

As Always,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do you have a Smart Phone?

So in March I purchased a BlackBerry - yes the BlackBerry, not the iPhone.  I have been getting some slack for having the Berry but you know I think I like it better then iPhone - it has a back button I LOVE this feature.

So of course I got the full meal deal on this - Internet, social network package you know a girl just can not be out of the loop - can she?  Oh and of course I had to get the newest one out there THE TORCH it is the one that slides and gives you a keyboard which is supper nice. I don't like the touch screen I find my fingers to chubby for this...

For the social network I have Facebook (who doesn't), text message, and I just set up my Google (gmail), and Yahoo accounts.  Oh lest not forget BlackBerry Messenger.  So here is what I have noticed - BBM (Blackberry Messenger) you can see all the people that are on your list and if they are busy or not.  For Google & Yahoo it does the same thing, but if you are on line (computer) and log off it shows you off line but if you have it on your phone you can just be avail or busy... With you BBM you can have several Email address that you want to keep a tab on.  So far I have 2 and soon will be adding my yahoo account.  If you are wanting to know my email accounts you can click on contact me...My Yahoo account was originally for my Small Quilt Talk - but now it is for everything too.  I just checked my yahoo account and I have 2063 emails... CRAZY!!  Well now I can keep up with this as it is now on my PHONE!!

I am young and old (35) - I grew up when cell phones were just coming out and were a small fortune (back then) so of course I did not have one.  I got my first cell phone (bag phone) at the age of 22ish from my friend as she got a new one and paid $25.00!  Now a day, everyone is on a cell, I think the youngest that I saw was around 9-10.

Well, I love my smart phone, and I am trying to get my hubby on one - seeing all his friends have one, and even his DAD has one...My hubby actually took the text off so, if you send him a text he does not receive it...He also got a Mike phone and still does not know how to use it - can't Mike someone, it was funny when he got it and his friends would Mike him and he did not know how to Mike back... it was the joke around here for a little while.  He has had his Mike for 3yrs...I guess that is what happens with technology.  My Hubby does not nor does he want to learn how to use a computer, he always says that is why he has me to do the computer stuff for him.

As Always

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Needing Help for a Block

OK all, I am looking for a block.  It is like the pinwheel but with rectangles.  I am not sure what this block is called but I am hoping that some one out there might know.  I have seen it in a quilt I think that they used to use this in the 30's but not sure.

If any one has a block that they can email me the dimensions that would be most excellent.

As Always,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Life is too short

The other day, it was pretty hot here in my part of the world...  My Son is a farm/rancher through and through, he has is own collection of John Deere Tractors that he has now decided that he wants them outside to play in the sand box.  Well we have one rule, if it is outside, it has to come in Clean - NO SAND - as house cleaning i am not so every little bit helps keep it clean.

Anyways, these pictures are of my son, cleaning his toys and watering my trees and such, no point in wasting water.

****note is dress code - Western Shirt, Underwear, Rubber Boots ****

As Always

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back on the machine again

So I have been having issues with my pressing for sometime, my friends told me it is all in the Iron and such...Well I finally purchased a new iron for myself... Today was the first day that I have tried it and WOW they were right... An iron makes a huge difference...

I have been behind in my Australia block swap - last block that I made was March and we are just getting into August...

So today, I made August Block - this was the very first one that I have not had to make my way to the quilt shop for the fabric.  I was so excited about that,  I really hope the Julie likes her block.

April and May I had to go out and get the fabric... Today was the day that I made the blocks that I was behind in.  Until just a few mintues ago... I forgot all about June - So will be looking in my stash for some Brights.  July wanted Grandmother's Fan - well I had to email her and ask for a different block as I have not done circles of any kind and just really starting the applique part of quilting and not great at it...

Below are my blocks that I have made for my swap partner's - I really hope that they like them.

Julie's Block - August

Melody's Block - May

Leanne's Block - April

As Always Shauna,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where has the time gone?!

Wow, ok I have been very busy again... This summer seems to be going by in a blink.
In the beginning of July, in Calgary we have the Calgary Stampede and Exhibition that runs 10 days.  It is know around the world as the Greatest Outdoor Show.  It is a Rodeo, Chuck Wagons, Midway (games and rides), and Agricultural - which is a steer show, sheep trials, big horses (Clydesdale) variety of things to do.  This year was a little more special as the Royals came Canada and Calgary.  So that was pretty big.

On Wednesday was my Club night - Girls Gang - this is the one that I am making my Coxcomb, well I have fallen off the quilting and I am behind on this as well as my block swaps.  I have all the fabric for my swaps it is just getting everything pieced together and sent my partners.

Has anyone out there not been quilting?  I feel like it is just me not quilting, I really should cut my fabric for the Coxcomb but I really don't feel like that either.  I have so many projects on the go but I have not started some and I don't know if I will be working on them...

Well I just thought that I would drop a line and let you know that I am still here, and trying to quilt but nothing really is happening, I think that this will be happening soon, as it has been raining here for a couple of days so there is not much I can do but quilt and clean.

To my swap partners your blocks will becoming shortly, will send you line once I put this in the mail.